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    Hi guys,

    It is quite early, and of course a proper reply would need so many more info and some "trial and error" but..

    Knowing myself, I get tired easily and I like to try and change (sometimes abruptly) my game style quite frequently. In this view, what do you think is the best "balanced" meaning "jack of all trade" build?

    I thought about it and I figured only two options:

    1. 3 18, 3 10: three possible bonus and no penalties, but broadly speaking only three ways of playing the character

    2. 1 18, 3 14: this is a sort of "jack of all trade, master of one", which is at the same time its positive and negative point.

    I am surely missing some option...what do you think about it?

    (I don't know about you, but it will be hard for me to wait three years 😉 )

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    Jack of all trades build says support build to me. Tank died? Step in and take a few hits until the tank gets rezed. Healer can't keep up, you throw out some heals.

    I find it a fun way to play but it will never be the best at what it does.

    It sounds more like your looking to be able to change your role completely as if you could click a button and you switch to tree two or three?


    I actually included jack of all trades as a build over in my build thread - - for humans, one of the better options is 1 18 (in Intelligence) and 5 14s - and then use Alteration magic to bolster the 2 important stats up to 17 for whatever role you feel like playing at any given moment. Capitalize on your good mana regen to use the playstyle's big guns - whatever those are - and have 2 or 3 skill slots left to customize the build for the intended next adventure.

    Wanna tank? Bolster Con and Dex, tap in a massive aggro, a big defense, a restore or 2, and then fill the 1-3 spare slots with the bread and butter - shield bash, an AoE that centers on you and cc's/dot's the surrounding enemies, and/or a rush/teleport to get you into the mix faster.

    Ranged DPS? Bolster Perception and Agility, slot in a big wide line for the zerg rush, a single target for massive damage, a dodge out or 2 to stay free, and then fill in the rest with more standard attacks, traps, or even an illusion or music (cause, hey, 14 Charisma ain't bad), to suit whatever you intend to do next.

    and so on.

    The major downside is spending 2 slots on bolsters - the jack-wizard will never have the same flexibility in skill selection that a purpose-built will when they play outside of wizard. There is also minor concerns about an abjuration specialist breaking their buffs - but, again, at worst you are running a 14 in every other stat - breaking down to that is not going to be awful. (abjuration necromancers, though, or mage breaker meleists, or trapist rogues, all of whom specialize in de-buffs, might turn into much bigger problems)

    And, of course, you are still one of the most powerful wizard in human society, which is nothing to sneeze at, regardless.

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    I'm gonna be honest, a lot of how builds turn out is going to depend on how skills can be used and how effective these skills are scaling off different stats (since in Fractured there isn't a class). Pretty much if you're trying to play some melee that has 90% of skills scaling mostly off strength, then yeah. They need to enable jack of all trades build with skills that require different stats and scale off different stats (example: rapid strike: (40% dex scaling 40% agility scaling 20% str scaling. If str >100 deal 20% more damage to enemies that are stunned. If agility > 200 cast time/animation time reduced by 30%). Basically they need something that promotes having a variety of points rather than just dumping points into str/stam for a tank and agi/dex for a assassin/archer and int/wisdom for a mage etc.

    Honestly, I probably need to catch up on the most recent Fractured news and stat builds to judge, but I haven't got the time these days.

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    @trelia yeah the idea is to be able to switch"at will" from one game style to the other 😉

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    @therippyone thanks! Yes it is what I thought too...but I was wondering whether having three potential bonuses (18+2) could make sense. Then again, as we all said, we have to see how the skills will work to decide!

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    @therippyone Agility is not an attribute you can bolster.

    I think CON/STR is better for tanking because of extra hp and you can equip better armor for tanking. But that means you need to carry an extra set of armor around all the time, wich is probably not a good option in Fractured's limited inventory space. So CON/DEX might indeed be a better option for a jack of all trade build.


    @benseine I am sorry that I wrote Agility, not Dexterity. XD

    I'm not sure if any pair of 18s can result in a solid jack - a pair of 18s means a pair of 13s and 12s, too, and I don't particularly know if anyone really want to depend on a 12 as a central stat to a build. The 14 that becomes (with the +2 stat boost off the skill tree), might make it viable, but it's semi-worrisome. And if a character can't use a skill set effectively, I'm not sure they count as a jack.

    I'd like to discuss the defensive relation of CON/STR vs. CON/DEX. I find that I can't, having not enough information XD most frustrating, that! XD for example, I don't know if 14 CON/14 STR (cum 16 CON/16 STR) allows a character to wear (close-to) the heaviest armor; I assume it does get you a majority of it, for various reasons, but I can't be certain. Similarly, I can't debate the value of gaining x defense bonus from wearing y armor, versus defense of (y-a) version of it you can wear at -2 strength, when compared to the +z% dodge you gain from putting those 2 points into DEX, instead. Way too many variables to cogently speak to. Maddening, I say! I am most miffed that an intelligent discussion is thus derailed! DEVS! Give us the deets! Thank You! XD

    (I'm also not sure why anyone would need to carry an extra set of armor? If a character can't wear it at their minimum stats, they don't want to wear it in the fight, because at some point a player will mis-time their cast of the CON buff, or get counter de-buffed, or lose their buff due to enemy wiping, and if that means the armor pops off (or you get paralyzed, or whatever the penalty ends up being), it's no good XD better to wear what can always be worn, and get the benefit the buff gives on top of that, as opposed to worrying about losing the buff and the armor at the same time at a potentially critical point. Conversely, if the only time the check is made is when you go to put it on, then there is no trouble, cause it's equipped somewhere safe, immediately after buffing, and it's all good. On the third hand, if the armor requirements ignore buffing/de-buffing (because the devs don't want to code armor popping off XD ), then the jack is stuck with the armor of minimum statistics anyways, and there's no better armor to lug)

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    @therippyone ahah the bottom line is: Devs! Give us more details !! 😉

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    @therippyone The OP said: "Tank died? Step in"

    So with STR/CON you can switch from DPS role with large two hander and light armor to heavy armor tank with just a minute spent at a campfire.

    But it is indeed frustrating not knowing how much STR is needed to equip the heavy armor atm so you know how many points can be put in DEX or INT, to get as close as possible to the jack of all trade build in the OP (you probably have to drop some roles from that build I figure).

    Atm I have multiple versions of each build I have in mind. Do I want 10 points in DEX and 16 in INT? Or 10 in both so I can put moarrrr in STR? Devs give us more infoooooooooo?

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    Did I mention that the Devs should give more info???????????


    @benseine Ah. Only hitch in that is that most MMO don't let you switch armor mid-fight (and I'm not sure you want to, given that this is a move by mouse system, so pulling armor out of inventory, equipping it, and then putting the old armor back into inventory, means you aren't moving for several seconds, mid-fight, unless you have a dash from Warfare on tap (that doesn't require a destination click) (I'm assuming Warfare because the others all pre-suppose light armor, and I'm not sure what sort of bork putting heavy armor on during a non-heavy-armor-skill would result in? Open question if you're allowed to use any skill while changing equipment, since a fair number of skills seem to care - like, we know Martial skills want empty hands/gloves, so the devs don't want you switching to a heavy broadsword in the middle of the "leaf wind" combo attack XD don't know if that means they lock the inventory entirely while in combat, or just lock it when a skill is in use, or force lock your skills while the inventory is open)


    @benseine nope but it certainly seemed to be implied 🙂

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    @therippyone yes i totally agree, I imagine that it could be possible to switch between weapon sets during combat, but I don't think it will be possible to do it with armor...
    @Benseine maybe if we mention it again, the Devs will give us more details 😄

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    @therippyone not mid fight, but change it after the rest ability at the campfire. You switch your dps abilities for your tank abilities and then change gear.

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    Did I mention that the Devs should give more info???????????

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    @benseine ahahah still not enough I guess 😉


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