Provisioning and Brewing


    I am aware that animals and monsters will drop loot and resources used for crafting. I am also aware of livestock farms.
    The roles of farmers and shepherds are shown on the home of the website.

    I'm wondering the scale that provisioning is going to take, with foods maybe healing and also providing buffs or curing ailments. I don't want this to be looked over because there will be potions which will do similar tasks. personally, I would like to see a skill tree around provisioning and food quality but, also diverse food options. I don't expect a demon will eat the same meals as a human or even have the same digestive constitution.

    So far I can think of foodstuffs that are most likely in the game either as farm grown or wild sources;


    • Beef
    • Pork
    • Chicken
    • Mutton
    • Venison
    • Eggs (Eggs are technically not meat but whatever)


    • Tomato
    • Potato
    • Lettuce or Cabbage
    • Pumpkin


    • Apple
    • Grape
    • Pear
    • Peach
    • Banana
    • Berries (raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, blueberry)


    • Mushrooms


    • Corn
    • Wheat (Barley and Rye)
    • Rice
    • Millet


    • Water (of course)
    • Milk

    Learn every cooking recipe and get the title in-game and forum title 'Master Chef'.

    Now the options with all these raw food items are nearly unlimited and I would love to see them explored. Mixing meats and veggies into stews or even a simple baked potato would be nice.

    Also, brewing spirits from grains or fruits. Please. I'm sure this game will include alcohol in some form but it would be awesome to have different ingredients cause different affects from it.


    • Wine < Grapes
    • Mead < Honey
    • Beer < Wheat (Rye or Barley)
    • Ale < Wheat (Rye or Barley)
    • Rum < Sugarcane (Molasses)
    • Vodka < Potatoes
    • Brandy < Fancy Grapes (more advanced wine)
    • Gin < Agave
    • Whisky < Corn
    • Absinthe < Wormwood
    • Sake < Rice
    • and a number of Cocktails

    (I know some of those ingredients were not on the food list but eh)

    Learn every brewing recipe and get the in-game and forum title 'Master Brewer'.

    I'm sure some foods will most likely be realistic but some fantasy meats or drinks would be neat too!
    Comment what foods, meals or drinks you want to create or harvest!

    Thanks for reading, and maybe you'll be the next Master Chef of Fractured.


    @agracore I would imagine that you could learn to combine and alter recipes as your "knowledge" about cooking grew. For example, perhaps you could learn to make things like apple juice. It would also be interesting to see if each planet could have unique foodstuffs. I would imagine that Syndesia, as the planet without any "aura"- so to speak- would have the "base" foodstuffs. Arboreus could have fruits/vegetables that are either more bountiful or nutritious, while Tartaros could have evolved breeds of prey since they must adapt to fleeing from demons.


    Interesting concept, I totally agree. The same way the planets have different resources from one another with some being more sparse or abundant, It would be awesome if they did this with foodstuffs. @wolfsquill

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    Agracore, it's quite providential that you posted this, because I've been meaning to open a discussion in the guild thread about this for Alpha 1.

    First, I hope that one of the buildings in town is some sort of communal oven. Just as you need a blacksmith to do advanced metalworking, I hope that you will need at least a communal oven to make the higher level foods.

    Also, herbs and spices are very important to cooking. I'd love to see:

    • Herb gardens for your personal residence, with various herbs that can be picked and dried, then stored for the guild chef or sold at the market.

    • Spice Trade - Throughout history, the spice trade has been a major type of international trade. I think it would be very cool if each world had their own spice production and the "spice trade" was a big reason to trade among the races.


    wow i like this idea of yours. gives more gameplay to those who wants to specialize in cultivation and farming.


    I feel like herbs and spices will be more of a wild aspect of cooking and will have to be plucked by a gatherer roaming the lands. That being said I don't know the scale that farming will take and how many seed options will be available to grow, love the idea though. @needlehawk

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    Well, in all honesty, that was one thing that I hated about LOTRO....all of your seasonings had to be gathered wild, instead of being cultivated in an herb garden. But different strokes I guess. If most people want to gather things wild, then that's what the devs should do.


    @needlehawk there could always be a mix of both

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