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    So when do y’all think we’ll actually see a game? I know the info is probably posted somewhere, but I’m far too lazy to look. Also, anyone know anything about the different gods and how worshipping them effects our characters? Thx


    @chaoticmayhrm17 Fractured is still in development.Pre-alpha in October, December 2018 is the month Alpha 1 is planned to go live. 2019 is therefore expected to be the year of Alpha 2 testing phases, 2020 of Beta testing phases, and 2021 of Full Release (Characters will be a wipe after each testing phase) link to news + (RUS, DE)

    There are 6 gods.


    • Elysium, which is thought to be the source of Arboreus’ primal energy.

    • Tyros, god of light and justice.

    • Nelena, goddess of the wild and mother of all beastmen.


    • Iridia, goddess of fortune and mother of all humans.

    • Galvanos, god of knowledge and keeper of the nine paths of magic.


    • Babilis, an evil god worshipped by the Demons.

    They are briefly mentioned in this spotlight+(RUS, ITA, FRA) . Some gods are tied to a specific alignment while others are neutral. Worshipping a god grants access to divine quests, blessings and divine abilities, more on that here+(RUS, ITA, FRA).

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