How to create items, how will they effect gameplay.


    i wonder how to make items and wear them in order... so will they also wont matter and wont bring any power gap?

    i am pretty much thinking about not having any kind of mid-range power gap between new started players and veterans is propably will be very empty gameplay. I dont mean about grinding. I mean items should matter at all. we should be having some kind of target at all..

    what kind of weapons, armors there will be and will they matter at all? like giving passive bonuses and be important in our builds?


    Prometheus mentioned a bit about Crafting in the Q&As (Survival & Travel & Crafting & Building) about it.

    Crafted Items will not directly make you stronger, as you know it from many other MMOs, like magic/rare/epic. But Items will have special Abilities to support your skills or makes you more surviable and something like that.
    Per example: If you want to make an expedition in rough mountain areas, where it is cold, it is recommended not just to run in a shirt, but with a coat.
    Just a simple example, but i think it it explains the system very well.

    Many questions was answered in the Q&A, but for getting a full view to the possibilities we need to wait for more spotlights and the ingame experience in Alpha.

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