New Order in Beta/EA2023: Terra-Town "Feyholde"

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    Hello again!

    In Beta we started a town with the name FarFarAway on Myr with our friends of The Moonshadow Dryads, Crownless Order, KAOS, Tasty Swords, LooT, Legion Sombria.

    Meanwhile after we played the first days, Tasty Swords and KAOS expanded with Tasty Kaos Town.

    We are open for new player who want to join our Towns as Residents and maybe become a member of New Order or one of the guilds we are allied to.
    Just be a kind and social player who knows how to stay in contact and you will get fast into our society.

    First rule will always be: Have fun playing Fractured!
    Second just behind the first one: Don't take the fun from other players away!


    @Kralith i wanted to see the new continent, and is very nice, would we get a town there?

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    @grofire Go to Zenith, @OlivePit will care for you there 🙂

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    Here we are again!

    In the EA/Beta Test End of 2023, we have settled down again.

    "Feyholde" welcomes you!

    We are located at Terra, right below the Volcano.
    Old Heroes and new Adventurer are busy to fill the area with life.

    Come and get in touch with us, we don't bite - even we may have sharp teeths and claws 😉

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