Kickstarter Artisan in-game reward items


    I'm really interested in increasing my pledge to the Artisan level, but I had a question about the reward items associated with that tier; the mule, cart, and crafting stations:

    When I start the game on release day, will my character be loaded in to a town with the above mentioned items right next to me, or will they be items I can redeem (i.e. load into the game) when I'm ready to?

    Also, how difficult will it be to acquire/build those items in game?

    Thank you!

  • DymStudios - CEO

    Hi @drawrin! You can redeem them when you want. They're not hard to make, but it can take a little while, particularly with the mule and the wagon because they require several steps - new players will likely use handcarts, not wagons, because they're much easier to make, but also slower to operate 🙂


    @prometheus hi. Sorry I'm just gonna use this post to ask somewhat a similar question since it's pledge related reward. What is the difference between an exclusive statue and a permanent statue? Does this mean the exclusive statue has a time limit of some sort


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