Questions about weapons.

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    Will there be in class weapon differences? As in, will some two handed swords be better than others? Or will some be more speed oriented, and others power oriented?

    As I understand, character development is only measured by it's Knowledge points (and tree) and it's abilities.
    Does that mean items will barely play any role?

    In games I love getting strong (or at least unique) items. Are you guys planning to have a large variety of designs?

    Will weapon customisation be a thing?

    Would love to hear any of these answered.
    Cheers to you guys for coming up with such a refreshing concept for an MMO.


    @wolefie specter said in What We Know About Weapons:

    They do have different characteristics depending on the type of item and the material used to craft it. They could also have other parameters, such as the quality. A Bronze Platemail has different stats compared to an Iron Platemail but two Bronze Platemails are the same, yes. (aside from possible modifiers that don't impact the power of the item, such as its Quality)

    Practically all items will be crafted. You will have access to various resources like wood, metals, minerals, etc. Each race (and family) has its own unique bonuses that go well beyond attribute-related ones - and they include crafting and gathering too.

    @esher said in State Of The Game #1 - A Gallop To Alpha:
    Will there be only "normal" weapons" ? (like sword, bow,...) Or there will be more ? (daggers, hammer, mass, axe,...) ?

    There will be more than the ones listed in this journal, of course!

    sunti said in What unusual weapon types would you like to see?:

    @asther Our current heavy armor has a gambeson, though it'll might not be so visible being under some heavy metal plates 🙂 Leather armours and gambesons will probably fall under different categories, that will mostly be a design choice

    @frost We'll have spears for sure, and some other pole weapons that will fall under that same category

    I'll take note of other designs from this thread so go wild! 😄

    All we know about the game + (RUS)

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    @muker Thank you for showing me this topic.
    I'll be sure to search the forum more extensively before asking stupid questions.

    Now, my next stupid question: My profile picture doesn't seem to want to change. Everytime I change it, i can see my profile with the new picture.

    I refresh once: My profile picture changes in the profile editing screen.
    Second refresh: Picture changes in the top right.

    I'll continue looking for fixes, like using other browsers, if you happen to know a fix, I'd like to hear.



    It seems to show the correct picture in explorer.
    Do you see a futuristic rat or a norse warrior?


    @wolefie I have faced such a problem, but with the image of the background. I put the first background, I did not like it, changed, like changed, but after updating the page again the previous version. I changed the browser, there was a second new background. So I can assume that you have a problem with the browser, check another. If so, it is possible over time to solve this problem. I don't know anything else.
    you have now this is worth

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    @muker dope ty

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