Small Group Activity?

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    I'm curious if the devs have mentioned any rewarding activity small groups can partake in? By small I mean 4-7 people.
    I understand most sandbox games revolve around guilds and amassing large numbers but I don't always want to zerg around. By rewarding I just mean something that makes it feel like it was worth the time. Can't really discuss that part though until we know more about the kind of materials in the game and their worth.Though I'm not asking for huge profit margins, just as long as there is potential for net gain.
    Based on what I've read the asteroid belt looks like it could be this if you connect to the right one but was curious if there might be any more information available.



    22:50 what will be in the game for solo players and small groups? (very interesting to the word)

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