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    I was wondering how exactly does the pvp experience in tartarus work, i will most definitely make a demon but here’s my problem, it says it’s no-law pvp and to me that’s just not going to work, jagex tried it, and it was horrible gameplay so the mode dried out and died after a few months; not even with the most hardcore of communities, i come from that community and it’s a mess because from a gameplay perspective while it’s fun to have fair pvp it will never be fun to just get camped out of resources by several players teaming up, I don’t have an issue with open pvp everywhere as long as it’s fair pvp everywhere.
    Anyhow looking forward to the game and thanks in advance for the answer!

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    If you played EVE Online, it will be like EVE Nullsec most likely. Just don't take out anything that you can't afford to lose, and it should be all good. Learn how the game works so you can outplay your enemies, and view everything you own in game as a consumable. PvP does not need to be fair, it can be brutal and fun, and the best players will learn how to kill multiple people on their own.

    EDIT: If you're the type who prefers 'fair' pvp without the possibility of your enemies using baits, unfair advantages, double teaming, zerging etc, then being a human is probably more your thing. There exists a sizable playerbase (basically all the backers of Camelot Unchained) out there that doesn't care much about fair, and just want to play with low numbers (even solo) of high skilled players and try to outplay large groups of less skilled zergs. Of course, the fairest PvP you'll find will be in games like LoL, Overwatch and etc, which are designed to be tactical games, but not strategic ones.


    @basileus if you tell me eve it’s understandable but when you have to deal with binding spells, knockbacks perma stuns high dps it becomes a pain in the ass to handle, coming from someone that loves pvp since it adds a whole new layer of difficulty and survival to a game, but when you take it to something like a mmo with magic and skills that i can be sure will be tough to handle and add the layer of versatility the devs are adding, i can see some pretty nasty stuff happening; problem isn’t the fact that it’s many people ganking on you, as you stated a good player will learn how to handle that, but believe me when i say that when it’s no longer a thing where i can actually do something and it becomes a “I’m permalocked” situation, skill stops being taken into account and it becomes a matter of are they going to kill me before their rotation runs out and if not will i have enough health to counterattack and make it, get me?
    Anyhow I’ll wait and see if a dev can clear out this doubt either on the question or on a future devlog
    Thanks for giving an easier to digest example man!



    i'm going to guess that will happen because you will lose in a 1vX fight. The amount of skills available to the group will always be better than the base for the solo player. I do see some unofficial no-pvp times being coordinated so people can gear up. I also expect to see basic to intermediate gear as the best demons will have on average. To invade human and beast planets we'll need numbers to offset the gear difference (if it's more than 10% between naked and top end).

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    @jetah A lot of the great MMOs and sandbox games (ESO circa 2014 - 2017, EVE Online, etc) will allow a highly skilled player to 1 vs X, usually because the X doesn't bother with coordination, training, using skills at the right time (they usually are used to overwhelming with numbers and spamming one thing). If the game has a high skill ceiling and a low skill floor, I would not be surprised if the best player in the game could kill twenty bad players and live to tell the tale (as it was in the 2015 days of ESO).

    You can look it up on youtube, most ESO videos dating from 2015 was all about 1 vs X.

    EDIT: As for demons needing numbers, I beg to differ. Demons will have way more PvP experience on hand, so much so that it would probably be entirely possible for an average Demon player to be able to easily 1 vs 2 some average human players (especially since the devs have mentioned many times that gear is only situational and the whole MMO trope of "I have better gear, I win" does not exist in Fractured). In fact, this is part of the core vision and one of the reasons I'm looking forward to the game so much; I would love to have a game that isn't focused on grinding pointless gear pixels, and more focused on player skill, coordination and general strategy (of course you still need things like warm clothes to travel around in cold regions and such, it seems like a great way to make gear relevant but balanced at the same time!).

    As for stunlocks being a problem, they could simply design very few actual crowd control abilities, along with a natural CC breaker (like ESO has) that everyone can use, which also makes one immune to CC for a few seconds afterwards. This will up the skill ceiling (i.e when to use a stun break at the exact right time, managing timers and etc) and allow very good players to defeat enemy players in a 1 vs x scenario (i.e enemy players who do not know what to break, when to break, when to stun, or how to burst correctly if the opponent is stunned). I believe the devs have also mentioned that there will be things like dodges in game which you can use to evade skill shots, adding in even more skill ceiling to the game!


    @basileus I sure do hope it’s that way, I also agree with you one skilled player can deal with a mob, happens in wow, gw2 etc etc. I do it myself it just takes deep understanding of the game and mechanics of every class that’s why so little people actually do it.
    Nevertheless if i can have cc invulnerability, and i know whom to target first it’s easy to kill a mob of gankers but my concern comes with the versatility of the game, with everything unlocked and everything possible on one chatacter it’s pretty safe to say that I won’t be able to tell who’s the support, who’s the dps and who’s the disabler on their comp until i let them hit me first and that itself is a harsh handicap to begin with but I’ll wait and see on alpha, can’t really tell about gameplay unless you’ve played the game.

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