Does anybody have a comparison for this game?


    Albion Online!?

    @muker said in Diferencias con Albion Online:


    Hi denispeda - since I know Albion myself very well, I can give you an answer as dev. The most important things I can outline:

    • Fractured features ARPG combat, which is quite different from Albion's Dota-like style.
    • Progression is horizontal and sees no grind thanks to the Knowledge System, while Albion progression is very vertical (with resources, items and everything divided in tiers) and progression requires repeating the same action over an over for a long, long time.
    • The way PvP is managed is very different - on Albion, by level (low level: green, high level: red). On Fractured, by race and planet. In fact, the whole concept of races and worlds doesn't exist in Albion.
    • Interactions with the environment being very important in combat are also missing from Albion.
    • We have one massive open world, it's not divided in regions.

    ...and there's a lot more I could mention. Even the graphic style is different. So like... Yeah, it's very different 😄

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    Ultima Online
    Albion Online
    Everquest 1 meets Diablo 2 with PvP

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    it's a blend of a few ideas. there isn't any one game that describes it well enough.

    it's mixing the arpg with mmo. it's mixing pvx but also keeping it mostly separated on planets with occasional invasions. no class restriction.

    I believe this game, if executed as i believe the vision is, will bring back the exploration that current games lack. this will or should feel like we're playing a video game for the first time. so long as the 400 abilities aren't in static spots for everyone.


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