if grinding wont be a thing

  • then will a new player be as good as an old one quickly as he has guidance on what to look for?

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    @hyrw Yes, in the game your ability to adapt to the situation will be more important than the extracted equipment

    Stuck between a clan of bandits and a raging river? Animate the waters to protect you, or freeze them over to cross to safety – then melt them to drown your foes! In Fractured, the natural elements around you can always be exploited to defeat your enemies, even when all hope seems lost.


    @muker However, what you just cited requires to have acquired some magical skills probably not available to the new player, as skills are unlocked with continuing exploration of the world.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    we'll have grinding!

    you'll need gear. you'll have to grind for resources.
    we'll need replacement gear, you'll have to grind for resources.
    we'll need food and drink to survive in specific locations, you'll have to grind for those resources.
    resources will be the biggest grind you've ever done. I imagine guilds will want dedicated resource gatherers.


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