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    Since this game looks like being settled on a sandbox type game, how do you guys see the idea of letting players create their own quests and dungeons? It would be great for players who want to challenge themselves and their friends. Also, how about giving players the ability to create one of the "asteroids" mentioned here ( with the parameters they like? For example, let them choose which biomes to put, how large they are. the number of creatures, and so on.

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    @azrael I think such a system is not possible in the fractured for reasons: knowledge systems, territorial problems and awards for the execution of these dungeons.

    • The knowledge system is a reward for meeting new monsters, and it does not fit into the pumping characters.

    • Where will such places be located? It's not MMO like Neverwinter, so that the players themselves built Dungey.

    • For your setup, the dungeon, the players themselves will be able to get those rewards that they need, and it does not fit into the game. In the fractured you have to explore every inch of the world to get from this profit, and you want to break all the ability to make dungeons.

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    so uh Neverwinter had this and people would build npc boxes. they'd make the walls tall and put in high hp mobs and people would just slaughtered them for xp. swap xp for knowledge and it's the same system.

    the Neverwinter system was designed so players could create content and allow other players to enjoy that content. the mobs would scale with your level so it could be done at any level range.

    Option 1. copy Neverwinter and let users vote and devs remove the really bad ones.
    Option 2. Let a volunteer group of players approve the designs. ultimate authority is with DS.
    Option 3. don't put it in.

    I'll say that some of the player made quest were awesome and some were bad.


    Not saying it's a bad idea, but a lot of players tend to take a thing that is like this really, really, really, far.

    I'd suggest for some heavy limitations like knowledge obtained, the type of dungeon/quest, how many times someone could run it daily, not faulty level designs, not absolute hot garbage level designs, etc.

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    I love being able to do so personally, but I agree that it's very easy (and likely) to abuse in a game like Fractured.
    In that context, do we know if aggressive creatures follow players or, are they bound to a specific area?

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    This conversation made me thinking about the Little Big Planet system.
    The levels made by players are made to get rewards when your level is appreciated but the players just play the level because it's fun. no rewards.


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