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  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    So a few other games have a few additional systems I very much enjoy and was wondering if you guys have considered these systems and what the community thinks of them.

    Aging system- In some games most popular right now, Chronicles of Elyria, have an aging system. This system could easily fit into the current knowledge system set up. As you get older you intelligence may go up but strength decrease. Or you have more dexterity as a kid as compared to an old aged person. Since you have a time system in place already it kind of would make sense to have your characters age, but there is a way to counter this.

    Family system- Again Chronicles of Elyria is a good example. The family system is a way to kind of "fight against" the aging system. As you get old an die you could take control of your child and as with real life the child would have similar knowledge of its parents, but not exactly the same. So you could continue on with "life". It again would make sense to have with the aging system and time system.

    Marriage system- So a few other games have a spouse system or marriage system, usually eastern made games. Usually you can get a small buff from working with your spouse or have a few added bonus like sharing property or a bank, but for the most part it doesn't give a major boost, but it is nice system to have just to say "Yeah that's my spouse."

    So, thats all I got for know. Obviously you can have marriage without family but hard to have family without marriage. Have you the developers thought of these things? What do you think about it community? I know these things are not easy to program, but again this is the very early stages of the game we have time.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    There should be a 'none of the above' option and an 'other' option.

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