An unlimited power up system.


    Making the character in some way, always have something to do, so that PvE lovers, are always entertained. If it could not be done unlimited in some way, at least very extensive, so that it seems unlimited.
    For example, a dungeon that is difficult from time to time, so that the previous one is easier and accessible from another menu, and always have to improve the characters so they can overcome it and get better equipment.

    Doing so, that a new player has a lot of game content, but once he gets everything, he must continue playing to be among the strongest.

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    @suiilx There's no vertical progression like that in Fractured. 😉


    wow I have seen that the development of the game has nothing similar with the above, I will try to help in case I think of something.
    Good luck!!!

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    But like, you can change your abilities and talents regularly, being able to assume different roles for different situations with the same character. And with the abilities being unlocked at "random" I don't think there's going to be boring for a long time after you start playing.


    It's possible (and likely) that future expansions will add more horizontal progression. So people will have more to do.

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