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    I was wondering what the different races mean when you play? It says that the race you choose affects the game so I was just curious. I assume the Hell Demon Races live in the hardest region of the game but are stronger than the humans, which I assume is just the beginner class.


    • There are no classes.
    • Demons aren't really stronger than humans. All races are equal, however, some are more suited towards specific tasks.
    • Demons don't live in the hardest region. All races live on a different planet. Demons live on the planet known as Tartaros. You can read about it here.
    • The different races are: demons, humans, and beastmen. There are also special races: angels and abominations. You can read about them here.


    @templer There are 3 different playstyles combines with the races. The daemon area per example will be the PVP Zone.
    There are many infos still around, The Spotlights will give you some first view to all and then there is a nice Thread about all we still know. It is linked in my signature.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    @templer there are no races stronger than others. demons can live on tartaros and are debuffed on arboreus. Beastmen cna live on syndesia and arboreus while are buffed on arboreus they are cursed on tartaros. Humans can live on syndesia nad got no buffs.

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