When you are creating a hero profile there is an aligment section. Can someone explain me this?



    holy - neutral - evil


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    @donjavi it's said in this news FEATURE SPOTLIGHT #6 – PVP, ALIGNMENT & CRIME but I quote a part here:


    On Fractured, each character is always categorized as Good, Neutral, or Evil. These three titles, built on the classic D&D moral spectrum, are collectively known as Alignment. If you’ve followed our past updates, you should know that each option has serious consequences on your gaming experience. We’re going to discuss them in detail in the following paragraphs.

    Coherently to the spirit of the game, the Alignment of your character is not set in stone – you’re free to choose it any time you take a Resting phase, just before memorizing your spells and setting your Talent points! Not all the three options are always available, however, as race, location and Karma might restrict your choice.

    What is Karma? Simply put, it’s an indicator of where your character stands between Good and Evil. It ranges from -10,000 (Diabolic) and +10,000 (Holy), and changes according to your behavior in game – how you interact with other players and the environment, which Gods you worship, and more.

    If your character’s Karma is below -2,500, you can only choose an Evil alignment. Below 0, you can pick only Neutral or Evil. Above 0, all the three options are open.

    Speaking of race, the following limitations apply:

    • Humans are born with slightly positive Karma, and can choose any alignment.
    • Beastmen are born with a highly positive Karma. When resting on Arboreus, you can only choose a Good alignment for your Beastman character. When resting on a different planet, you can instead pick Neutral too. By doing so, you are allowed to commit criminal actions that could lower your Karma to the point your home planet and race will start rejecting you, walking the frightening journey that end with the transformation of the Beastman into an Abomination.
    • Demons are born with a strongly negative Karma – and they can’t make it better on their home planet. Therefore, as you create a new Demon, you’re restricted to an Evil alignment. When resting on other planets instead, you can gain Karma to the point you can set your character as Neutral too. Eventually, once your Karma is sufficiently high, you can start walking the path that will lead your Demon to reach its Redeemed form – the Angel.

    Last but not least, the two following criminal flags restrict your Alignment selection as well:

    • Thief. You get this when stealing from a Good or Neutral player. It lasts for 24 real-world hours, and prevents you from choosing a Good Alignment.
    • Murderer. You get this when executing a Good or Neutral player. It lasts for 48 real-world hours, and forces you to pick an Evil alignment.

    What are the consequences of being Evil, Neutral or Good? Let’s find out!


    If you flag yourself as Good, you are not allowed to perform hostile actions against any other Good or Neutral player. There are several ways this restriction is applied – some common cases being:

    • You can’t use basic attacks and targeted spells against Good or Neutral players.
    • Your AOE abilities cause no damage or negative side effects to Good or Neutral players.
    • You can’t loot the corpse of a dead Good or Neutral player.
    • Giving the killing blow to a knocked-out Good or Neutral player is not possible.
    • You can’t take possession of bounty that doesn’t belong to you.

    On the contrary, all the hostile actions listed above are permitted against Evil players – and even encouraged by Karma gains!

    Since all Beastmen have a default Good alignment that can’t be changed on Arboreus, it is literally impossible for them to hurt each other. This also lessens the need for them to form a Party, making grouping easier.

    As a Good player, you’re sure to inspire confidence to everyone you meet.


    If you flag yourself as Neutral, you can perform hostile actions against any other player. This includes attacking, stealing, and murdering.

    Hurting a Good or Neutral player doesn’t turn your Alignment to Evil, but flags you as Aggressive – a condition that gets you treated as Evil in many ways. For instance, Good players become able to hurt you, while other Neutral players become able to do so as well without consequences.

    The Aggressive flag lasts for a few minutes only, but some particularly despicable actions like stealing or executing a player may add additional conditions (such the aforementioned Thief and Murderer flags) that last for a much longer time.

    In the end, choosing Neutral gives you the chance to be nasty when needed, but it also surely lowers the trust other players might have in you.


    You’re a Demon, you’ve decided to challenge the world, or you’ve been a bad guy so much that you’re no longer allowed to pick any other Alignment. Whatever your reasons for being Evil are, you’re now in a high risk situation!

    While Evil, you’re free to perform hostile actions against any other player – just like when you’re Neutral. However, other players can also do so against you, without consequences – such as being flagged as Thief or Murderer or losing Karma. In fact, they will gain Karma by getting the world rid of you!

    At least, being Evil is not enough to get you fully cast out of society. Guards on Syndesia let you enter towns, for instance, and some NPCs devoted to not-so-legal activities might even take a special interest in you.


    As mentioned in the previous paragraph about Alignment, your Karma changes according to how you behave towards other players, NPCs, and divinities. Let’s check this out more in detail now.


    Depending on your Alignment and your victim’s, attacking, knocking unconscious, looting or executing a player triggers a Karma gain or loss.

    As a rule of thumb, any unprovoked aggressive action towards players with Good or Neutral alignment triggers a Karma loss. The Karma loss for just causing damage is minor, but it’s significantly higher if you knock out your victim, and even worse if you loot its body after. Delivering the final killing bow is obviously the worst option of all, and hurts your moral stance considerably.

    Also as a rule of thumb, aggressive actions towards players already flagged as Aggressive or Evil have no effect on your Karma.


    All creatures in Fractured have a specific Karma and Alignment. Depending on your Alignment and their own, killing them may result in a Karma gain or loss.

    The general concept is quite predictable: killing a Good Creature triggers a Karma loss, while slaying an Evil one triggers a Karma gain.

    One thing to be noticed is that PvE is intended as a way to “adjust” your Karma, rather than revolutionize your Alignment. Therefore, a few exceptions to the rule above apply. A couple significant ones: an Evil player doesn’t gain Karma by killing Evil creatures, while a Good player can lose it killing Good ones, but it won’t drop below 0 anyway.




    Good - you will generally not be attacking other players in PvP (unless in defense, and sometimes if you come across an evil player)

    Evil - you will generally be attacking other players (all of them, besides perhaps your guild mates) and you will be stealing loot and resources they are carrying

    Neutral - you will sometimes be attacking other players (both good ones, and evil ones) but only according to your personal code of conduct, for example only if they are different race, or only when they are farming in your territory, or by some other rule set you set for yourself, and not all the time.


    @finland thnx man, so helpful

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