In-depth pet/mount progression.


    I think it would be sick if there were a ton of different pets that you could pick from and potentially level up to become a mount. Like, maybe an entire skill tree for your pet or something like that. I would pay $200 for this game if you could get a baby tiger and raise it to be a giant war beast. I also think it would be awesome if your pet/mount's alignment evolved the same as your character's, so your pet/mount looked more evil or more good depending on the karma of your character. I'm sure they're gonna add armor and stuff like that but maybe your pet/mount can have support features? Maybe your pet/mount can have increased intelligence and can cast spells and stuff like that. Well that's about all I have for ideas on this topic, but I encourage everyone else to please add ideas so that the developers can see this and hopefully take my ideas into consideration.


    I do like an idea of raising a mount too. You can also have variants like trust and companionship. If you raise them right and take care of them they will never abandon you. Where as if you do a poor job raising them, they will run off if they think they’re gonna die.


    Omaygad, i dont wanna pay that much... I longer prefer to see comercial anounces instead xD


    The idea I had for my eventual MMO was that every single NPC addition to your character was a Companion and any Companion could be a battle ally, a mount, a pet, or all three; they are all condensed into the same system.

    For instance, you could ally with Myrrh, a very small three-tailed "firefox" (kitsune) who joins you as a battle ally. When you made your Companion Link thingy with her good enough you'd unlock her super form which is a much larger kyuubi that you could ride as a mount. You can then switch Myrrh back and forth between the two forms.


    I think t would be fun, but I doubt it would be implemented at least at the beginning because it sounds like something that would take a lot of time to program and balance.


    It does sound like a pretty cool idea, but I agree it might be too resource heavy to incorporate.


    I forgot to review my writing, hopefully it’s a bit more readable now.

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