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    Ey! Someone knows if we can live in personal houses around the world or we must build it in guild Towns (And if this towns are ataccked by another guild, we could lose our homes? 😧 ).

    Y say that becouse of the last news. There are some "packages" that include some palaces, castles, strongholds, etc... So, in addition to my last question, what are those? hahahhah



    Buildings require maintenance. Your own house, farm or other constructions will decay over time and eventually collapse if not maintained. The Carpenter NPC takes care of the issue for you!

    Yes, guilds can build cities, I don't remember exactly whether the players themselves to equip their homes, but probably Yes. We were told that for the General well-being of the players themselves will have to equip the city in unexplored regions ( this is from memory, but I'm not able to find information, later add)

    Hi EvolGrinZ! What Specter said is that PvP is possible on Arboreus, albeit rare due to the factors he's described. That doesn't mean it's possible for your farm to be destroyed! Buildings owned by players are protected in general, unless we're talking of city conquests - but that's a whole different story we'll cover in the Feature Spotlight after the next one. So don't worry, the degree of protection you get on Arboreus is really high πŸ™‚

    prometheus said in In-game guild ranking.:
    vengu said in In-game guild ranking.:

    "towns controlled", does that mean a guild can run more than 1 city?

    Yes, it means that πŸ˜‰

    chrightt said in In-game guild ranking.:

    prometheus "total members" really? Does that mean guild has a huge cap size (otherwise this would be pretty pointless right?).

    When you create a guild, the cap is quite low, but it can be raised if the guild controls a town (or more than one) and certain buildings are present within the town. In theory, there is no limit to how high the cap can go - in reality, there is, since increasing it gets harder the higher it already is. This makes "total members" a good indicator of the guild's power, not only of how much of a zerg they are πŸ˜‰

    Benseine you can found a city or conquer it with your guild. We're going to cover this in detail soon in one of the upcoming Feature Spotlights - but some info have already been listed here. To reply the other questions:

    Yes, marketplaces are local.
    Guild quests are not planned as of today.
    You can start settlements only at fixed locations - the development of the city is totally free though. Housing not connected to guild settlements is also free.

    I think it's inside Fractured news that I missed the information, but that's all I can throw off, and I think you don't really need that information.

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    @dinok You can live in a personal house around the world if you want to be a hermit. πŸ˜› Guild towns can only be attacked on Syndesia and Tartaros, not on Arboreus.

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    @specter but can guilds build towns on Arboreus? The guild towns (on Syndesia/Tartaros) can only be attacked or also conquered?

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    @finland Guilds can build towns on Arboreus too. The upcoming spotlight will reveal more about the town mechanics, sieging, etc. πŸ˜‰

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    Sounds a bit like the system ArcheAge uses (which I liked). Find a plot, claim it, get plans, build on it - put crafting benches and enjoy retirement πŸ™‚ Sucks when the plots run out though.

    Since this is open world, are houses protected out in the wild?

    From what I read they decay so if someone builds and leaves it, eventually the plot will free up again - maybe it can be attacked and torn down after so long in disrepair?

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