Academy of the Arcane [ARC] (Casual RP, Social + Immersive)

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    The Academy of the Arcane is an international social RP guild with an immersive structure open to all good-natured races. We are a home for roleplayers of all types. Whether you are an experienced storyteller or if this is your first time roleplaying, we welcome anyone who is interested in developing a character and forging an ever-unfolding tale driven by the members themselves.

    We will cover all aspects of gameplay and there are no limitations to how you are allowed to play. Roleplay and immersion is the focus, but we are still here to have fun playing the game. We will cover all PvE, PvP and trading aspects of the game.

    Click here to visit our guild page.

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    Kausrine will be the town/city in which the academy of the arcane is situated. The Academy will sell arcane goods, enchanted weapons and armour, potions, bombs. Members can decide their own background and how they came to be involved with the Academy.

    Ranks are purely RP-based and do not convey any real authority. Whilst ‘Malyvern’ will act as an administrator for the guild in its real-world faculties, the members/players themselves will determine through roleplay how their roles will develop with one another.

    Races Accepted:

    • Human
    • Chadra (Tiger-kin)
    • Udoadra (Wolf-kin)
    • Nheedra (Bear-kin)
    • Erwydra (Hart-kin)
    • Reformed Demon


    • Professor: Conjurer / Alchemist / Illusionist / Evoker / Enchanter / Mystic
    • Student
    • Guard

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    Respond to this thread with details about your character. You can use this template:

    Background: (Aristocrat, Refugee, Artist, Mystic etc.)
    Alignment: (Lawful Good, Chaotic Neutral etc.)
    Describe your character's history:

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    The Singing Grotto Inn
    Join the Singing Grotto Inn, open roleplay where other roleplayers meet at the tavern and interact with each other. This is a great way to introduce your character and learn the basics of roleplay.

    Glim’s Mercenaries (A beast-kin, mercenary themed guild we work closely with.)
    Guide to roleplaying

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    Name: Malyvern of Kuasrine
    Age: Unknown, though the coarse wrinkles around his eyes and his weathered smile betray his age as older than he appears.
    Profession: Magister
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male

    Describe your character's history:

    Malyvern is a conjurer, but don't let his friendly wizardly appearance fool you - he has spent many nights ridding travelers of their coin in taverns across Syndesia with parlour tricks and spectacle. Never accept his invitation to a bet.

    As time as worn on and the land relies more on steam-powered machinery, Malyvern and mages like him have resisted the change, favouring more 'traditional' arcane arts. Malyvern believes fervently that the shift towards machines is against the natural order of Syndesia and his among a group of mages hoping to restore the Arcane Academy.


    @malyvern said in Academy of the Arcane [ARC] (Casual RP, Social + Immersive):

    Name: DrExtremo
    Age: 20
    Profession: mage crafter
    Race: Human
    Gender: male
    Describe your character's history:
    As a wizard of above average talents he wishes to advance his talents in transmutation and divination crafting magical tomes and items of great magical power

    He also has the reminants of a warlocks inheritance which contains the locked away powers of a powerful snake speicies the Targaryen (see warlock of the magus world for inspiration of character)

    In Roleplay likes to make snake related puns and snake related items and favours spells that can be associated with snakes


    If I wanted to have a secondary character, maybe another beastman, would they be allowed as like a druid or something? seeing as they have a strong connection to the energy of elysium?

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    Thank you for joining, I look forward to seeing your character in action. Perhaps you would like to join in the community roleplay at The Singing Grotto Inn?


    That would be perfect. My apologies, the original post only mentions Demons, however all races would be accepted if their backstory fit with the direction the guild is taking (typically neutral, and with an emphasis on the magical and connection to Elysium. Your character would be a welcome addition.)


    @malyvern oh yes I love roleplay I’ve got three dicord servers where I do homestuck and dnd roleplay I wonder if I should try recruiting them to fractured aswell? 🤔

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    I plan to be joining in roleplay here as well, the second I have some blasted free time.


    @dawnstar14 ha ha same

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    Great! The RP community here is growing and now is a good time to get involved 🙂 how about a quick character sheet so we know who your character is?


    I think that's great a idea. Remember you get extra foundation points if you use your referral link.


    @dawnstar14 There's always room in the Singing Grotto Inn for role-players.

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    I would like to join this guild, will I need to do any kind of test to join or just rp?

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    Hi @angryviking, a test isn't neccesary but join us over at The Arcanist's Mill. It's an ongoing and active roleplay we are managing in the off-topic section.

    We also talk about RP on our discord server Drop in and say hello!

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    @malyvern OK, thanks man, and I will check the discord later


    Greetings fellow Rpers!

    Now when you say reformed demon, are you referring to the Angel/ Champion of Good that will be available to demons who have gained enough karma?

    If so will it be alright to join the guild as a demon? Then later on, when we complete the future campaign to become angels, just adjust our character sheet (so to speak) to fit our current look/morals/etc.

    Example turning from chaotic neutral to lawful neutral, etc.

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