How does Fractured compare to Albion online?

  • So stoked for release, I’m just curious as to how the two games compare and their main differences.


    @cmouti So far, nothing, but the developers say that Fractured more pve component that is friendly to single players


    I wonder why so many people want to compare it just with Albion. I never played it, even i was tracking it from early beginning. It never touched me really in what i saw. I just can guess it was the showed results and some review by player i know and trust.

    Fractured i got showed by my most liked coplayer, we have a very similar view to the kind of a game. And i was reading about a storydriven well balanced concept. Well balanced, because of the 3 Planet System. It was touching me, because it gives the possibility to combine all 3 playertypes with each other in one game. Also, because you can form the game with its sandbox elements. And this combination is maybe not a new idea, because we all who are here for longer now had it in the past countless times, but there is a Developement Team who seems to have the same Idea.

    Thats the cause i don't want to compare it with Albion nor with another game. The only thing we can do is to transfer to the Devs, what we like and what we don't like about experiences we got from other games.


    The core concept of Fractured is the dynamic interaction between the three very different races, as well as the detailed Knowledge system. As far as I know, Albion didn't have anything similar to these. I might be wrong, I never really followed Albion. It seemed kind of cringy to me for some reason.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Albion is grind for xp to lvl up, mostly red/black dungeons and instanced expedition dungeons
    Fractured is exploring for knowledge to develop your character horizontaly instead of lvling up. Like a MOBA a veteran player has more options to tune their character then a new player. But their power is almost the same.

    In Albion there is a powergap between tiers of gear. In Fractured different gear is situational instead of simply more powerfull.

    Main difference to me.

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