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    I have been looking for a game with a relic war concept for a while but sadly I couldn't find one. Then i find this game with its portal concept and thought with this mechanic already in place it could be easy to implant a relic war mechanic.

    But what would it be exactly?

    First, the relics would be some kind of artefact that would give buff to player of a certain zone or planet or guild. Those relics could give for example a slight attack buff, a gathering buff, a def buff etc.

    How to determine which nation/planet have the relic?

    To be active relic would have to be keep in a location, for example temple. Those temples would be protected by player, but also by NPC (ex: guard) and traps.

    We could also consider implanting an upgrade system that would allow the player or faction that lead the temple to upgrade relic (for better buff) or temple for better protection.

    But where is the pvp war?

    Player will of different planet or guild would have to organize raid to take down temple and steal a relic. Then they would have to escort it until it reaches a temple controlled by their team.

    Soo, this was my tough about a relic war concept that could be implemented in this game. What do you think about it? would it be possible?

    Edit (2018-05-16) :

    @finland said in Game Idea : Relic War (PVP):

    How manage the objectives lorewise?

    • Players can choose an order to fight for (for example: A, B, C).
    • If a player is inside a guild he will fight for the guild's order (for example: A, B, C).
    • The nomenclature of the orders must not be linked to the Karma/Alignments/Planets/Races so it will not affect the choice of the players.
    • It should be limited on regions

    What kind of games we could implement?

    • Relic War - Player must detain the relics inside their Order Temple. The relics are 5 in total. A temple can detain a maximum of 3 relics. Temple are buildable and upgradable structures (temple guard, fortification and traps). This way to involve players to invest resources to repair and maintain it. The Temples are located equally distant from each other in the region (Equilateral triangle). The relics can be stolen, but only once at time. If a player is holding a relic nobody else of that order will be allowed to pick another relic until that player will deliver it in the respective Temple. If the player carrying the relic gets killed, he will drop the relic that can be looted. The Temple holding the relics will grant a buff to all players of that order in the region. The buff will be multiplied for each relic (for example if you hold 2 relics you will get 2% extra damage and so on). The relics spowns initally randomly in the region.
    • Relic Hunter - Players must acquire relics to asseble and idol that will grant a buff. Relics should be found inside temples located in that region. Each order has the relics with an unique appearance. The idol must be placed in the middle of the region inside a Sanctuary. Once placed will grant a buff to all players of that order. The idol can be destroyed.
    • Controll Points - Players should take the controll of certain points. To conquer them you will need to stay within a specific area for a certain period of time. Once conquered everyone of that order will get a buff.
    • Tibute War - Players will need to collect specific resources from the region. These resources must be donated as a tribute to the spirit of that region. In this way the spirit will award us with a buff. The buff has a maximum duration (for example: 10 mins). Only one buff can be active at time.
    • Ancient Sponws - Players will have to capture spirits. These spirits spowns randomly in the region. The spirits looks differently according to the order (for example: infernals, fallen champion, Lost wild animal ). After summoning(A)/freeing(B)/purifying(C) some ancient spowns the players will get the buff. The buff has a maximum duration. Only one buff can be active per time.
    • Capture the flag
    • Escort - A merchant to be rewarded with gold, A crafter to be rewarded with crafting components, A farmer to be rewarded with seeds, A shepherd to be rewards with puppies, A miner to be rewarded with minerals/ore, A lumberjack to be rewarded with planks, An hunter to be rewarded with fur/hides or a scavanger to be rewarded with relics.

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    @zwiterion it's a nice idea but i would prefer to factionize it instead restricting it to planets and/or teams. What about to do a relick war between Negative Karma vs Positive Karma this way everyone could join also those solo play lovers. Of those who achieve the relic will give a regional buff to all players with that karma entering that area.


    It could be possible. These temples would probably be in cities, so they could be stolen after a successful siege. New relics could be found on asteroids - or maybe relic shards, which would then have to be reassembled by a master smith.

    The buff would have to be small enough to keep things balanced, and I'm not sure if it should affect combat stats to be honest. Maybe just gathering and crafting buffs would be preferable. There could be buffs that only trigger during a siege, so that they wouldn't affect regular gameplay, such as a relic that gives defenders +5% attack when the relic is held in the defended city.


    @Finland Hi finland, I wasn’t sure how to factionize this concept since I’m new here ahah 😉 but yeah the using the karma system could be a good idea, or maybe they could add a choice of faction depending on the god you are following.

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    Absolutly not why people should be envolved to do a siege this is another thing. Siege are siege. This is totally a new idea something extra to do and something not related to gvg. I want avoid that only top guilds will monopolize the game. If you put it free will be more enjoyable by everyone.


    Well it might be doable but there'd have to be some smart systems in place to prevent the good guilds always hogging these so called 'relics'. That said actually having an objective for large scale PvP battles is definitely something desiarble, so the concept is solid.

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    @zwiterion if think the best choice would be karma so you can end up like "horde vs alliance" on wow. I was preparing a similar post with few suggestion for objectives pvp open world but you have aticipated me.


    Problem with this is when beastmen would have it, no one could go there and take it from them due to traveling restrictions. 😉

    Even outside of safe zones, demons could stay there very short, while in opposite case, it's possible for other races to stay on demon world forever with sufficient healing / good groups (they would show up on map after a while, but never really kicked off the planet).

    It wouldn't really be fair fight, unless travelling mechanics were to be changed, but I somehow doubt devs would be ready to do that.

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    @gothix this should be restricet to few regions in all three planets and ofc where all race can join. Limit the buff to the races is unfair because there will be mixed guilds. Factionize it on karma would be the best choice.


    Maybe, we could consider another planet where the relic would be kept. That way everyone could go without restriction. But the buff would still apply in another world.

    Also this place could be accessible only in a restricted period, that way its would be easier for player to prepare attack and defense.


    @zwiterion said in Game Idea : Relic War (PVP):

    Maybe, we could consider an other planet where the relic would be kept. That way everyone could go without restriction. But the buff would still apply in other world.

    I think human world could be the only option for this, as it is the planet where all 3 races can remain without being kicked off.

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    @Zwiterion What about this:

    • Relics are holded inside few temples (4-5).
    • Temples are located in the same region.
    • Once you get all reliques you have to bring them in the middle of the region where the sanctuary rises and there you can assable the relics.
    • Relics can be destroyed by the opposite Karma faction. This way factions has to gether relics again from their starting locations.
    • Once the relics are re-united the sanctuary will shine and will give the buff to all players of that karma in that region.

    They could use a similar system to create a "Control point open world game", "capture the flag", "escort" and so on.

  • @zwiterion I, too, enjoyed Aika 😉

    I don't think an interplanetary version system would work too well in Fractured. The races/planets are too asymmetrical. It might work as a GvG thing on Tartaros and Syndesia and could be a catalyst for sieges.

    I don't think the buffs should affect combat in any way, it would just make strong guilds stronger.



    Yeah Aika was the only game (that I know of) that tried to do something like that. Sadly since then, no mmorpg developper revisited the concept.


    I'd much rather have it work with guilds rather than karma to be honest, since it kind of undermines the entire concept of a political system. Not all good guilds are on the same side, not all evil guilds are on the same side, but with a system like this, they'd be forced to cooperate just to stay competitive.

    My suggestion is, make the buffs small enough so that they don't really make a difference in the long run, and put the relics on asteroids so that guilds from all planets have an equal chance to get one.

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    @nelchael Well this should be an extra not something related to sieging and city conquest. It's just something to do while outside. Givin a buff to only one guild is bad cause top guilds will monopolize those things. Instead if you put it on Karma everyone will benefit it and everyone will be happy to join in.

    The most similar thing I can remember was the control point open world in WoW: TB in the region Hellfire Peninsula. There the facions where fighing to controll 3 spots. once one faction had the controll of all spots everyone of that faction in that region got a buff like 10% extra damage vs mobs.

    Making all pvp objectives restriced to guild will kill the game. We ahould avoid to see top guilds monopolize everything. We have siege and city conquest that's enough for guilds to me.



    Easy. Make it so that a guild can only have one or two of these, and make them easy enough to obtain with some group effort so that all serious guilds and plenty of casual ones will be able to obtain one without much difficulty.

    Putting them outside of cities would make it separate from siege system, but strategically, if you were a guild leader, where would you choose to store a powerful relic? In a city that's already heavily guarded, or in a temple that's in the middle of nowhere? Guarding these things would be a nightmare. No player would want to stand watch for hours near one of these, so at best they'd be guarded by NPCs. It would turn into another PvE thing. You'd be forcing the relic to be stored in the most vulnerable position just to make it separate from the siege system, which just feels to me like a bad case of metagaming.

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    @nelchael I don't think you can get it. Relics are just symbolical and generated inside temples as I explaing. This would have nothing in relation to guilds, siege or strategy.

    You have city conquest and siege. Everything else should be extra and not related to guilds controlling what.

    Try to think something like an instanced battleground but open world where everyone can join. The only benefit would be the buff. So people will fight there to get the buff.



    Which, again, would completely eliminate the PvP aspect. Nobody would ever guard these temples. And if two "good" guilds were at war, and a "good" relic was being attacked, they'd be forced by this mechanic to join up and try to protect the relic. It ruins the politics. Fractured would be a lot less fun if it was just another "good vs evil" game, where your guild doesn't matter as long as it has the correct alignment flag. That just makes it childish and boring.

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    @nelchael Dude politics should not influence everything otherwise you will see top guild monopolize verything and you will see lots of people leaving. You have to give both. And you have city conquest and sieging that's enough. Putting everything on gvg will kill the game. The game should be fun not only for hard core players. People forget that casuals are more than hardcore.

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