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    Hello all,
    As the title states just looking around after Kellewic insisted.
    After way to many bad experiences with PVP and games that make claims that trade skills will be a viable part of the game and never fill those promises we'll see if he can actually convince me to play.

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    @ladyrowan welcome aboard new friend :hugging: If I may ask what did you expect from a MMORPGor Fractured in detail?

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    @finland She's a crafter and over the years many games claim to "cater to crafters" (Horizons and ArcheAge come to mind) - but in the end their plans changed and she gets all grumpy πŸ˜„

    It gets harder and harder for me to convince her to play any game with a PvP component because she's not really a PvPer.

    I told her (btw she's my wife) that near everything in this game is crafted and she just :rolling_eyes:

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    @kellewic I know the feeling, I also hate griefers and gankers especially those attackign gatheres and merchants just to loot hem, steal everything and make them rage quit. I plan to play ( with my guild) mostly PvE activites and about PvP I plan to protect our lands (Arboreus and Syndesia) and to do territories/sieges on Syndesia. We have to test the game and see how the rules works on between the alignments and planets but I trust the game. Dunno how many guilds will be mine But I will try to help out care bears to have their spot and play without get mad. It's a game and we should play to have fun bot PvPers and PvErs.

    For sure if she does not like to play PvP the best choice is to pick a Beastman character. No point to play a Demon for example cause will be really hard nearly impossible to survive on Tartaros as carebear.

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    @Finland as @kellewic said I like to craft and merchant. I'll do PVP as part of guild activities and such and enjoy them but it's not the main thing I look for in a game. I'm not fond of killing everyone 20+ levels below me because I can style of playing that seems to get a foot hold in most games. Even that though I could probably deal with and work around if the reward was there for tradeskills. Straight out PVP or even PVE games just are not compelling to play long term.

    Most of the time though I find the tradeskills are way down the list and when it comes down to it better gear is dropped from mobs making tradeskills useless for game play. We've played in several games that started strong with tradeskills needed to get to the best gear but then usually the community complains and that is all changed. So when he tells me now look at this game tradeskills will be important it's hard to take that at face value.

    What I want ultimately will probably never happen 😦
    I want a core group of people that I can play through the game functions with PVP and PVE and I want Tradeskill to have relevant value to the game play for players and guilds.

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    @ladyrowan I know the feeling. Well I can tell you that this game does not have levels and I doubt that will see gears tier. Devs said many times that gear will not influence so much the combat and at that will be easly obtenible. We also know that gear and every item in the game can only be crafted or looted from players. Said this killing mobs could be just to get tasks for the knowledge system or maybe "acheivements". The game should look more as a moba and give that feeling and that's what I hope a big MMO Moba. I really hope to build a solid group to defend guild settlements, defend Syndeisa and Arboreus form Evil people and partecipate some good Siege wars. And obviusly PvE πŸ™‚


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    Pss, I have in profile there is interesting information


    Hello Ladyrowan!


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    Hello Mata, I'm still lurking about 😏


    hi there too


    welcome newfriend

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