Patch Log - b.2.0b - Hotfixes & Inactive Citizens

  • DymStudios - CEO

    Hi all,

    after discussing with the community, we agree that need for citizens to be active doesn't make sense for the time being, so it's been temporarily suspended until we have another big push of players into the game.

    On top of that, here are some hotfixes to The Invasion:

    • Fixed a bug that would sometimes make citizens (or candidate citizens) newly added to cities get removed from the city's list, which would then make them not actually count as citizens.
    • It's now possible to repair bows and staves.
    • Howler and Peckodon mounts in world events are now visible.
    • Demons now correctly start as Neutral and their Karma can't go above 0. All existing Good Demons have been turned Neutral.
    • Primal Crystal world events on Terra, which are now very common, no longer have collectible Primal Energy Shards.
    • Items in purchased inventory slows now stack correctly.
    • Fixed an issue where the new Wandering Legend world events would reset by themselves even if the legends were still alive.


    I am glad to see the good demons bug is fixed tho still believe that all demons should start with negative karma and have to work their way up to neutral, but i am sure this will do for now.
    ages ago it was stated that there would be a path for demons to become good and transition to 'angels'. Is this still going to be a possibility in the future?
    So glad to hear that the mount spawns were invisible and we were not crazy XD
    I do think that the current rate of dust dropping from mobs is plenty to supply crystals for gate use and that removing the free crystals from the spawns is fine as it restores some ballance between the worlds enchanting markets.
    I agree that now is not the time for an activity cull but it would be good if the governors could know what citizens have not logged in for a long time as that could give them a good idea of how outgoing they should be for recruitment. I do believe that a motivated management promotes a thriving community with activities and a more active market that buys goods that new players can produce while selling goods new players might want to craft with.

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