Patch b.1.1e - Fixes, Buffs & Rebalances

  • DymStudios - CEO

    Hi all,

    here comes patch b.1.1e, packed with bug fixes and balance changes - mostly buffs!

    The patch log is split into multiple posts for easier reading.

  • DymStudios - CEO


    Divine Rewards

    • The drop chance of Fabled Rewards from CR 6-7 mobs has been increased from 3% to 4%.
    • The drop chance of Epic Rewards from CR 8-9 mobs has been increased from 3% and 5% respectively to 4% and 7%. The chance they turn into an Orb is now 16% instead of 15%.

    While these numbers may seem small, they lead to a 33% increase in Orb generation for CR 6-7 mobs, a 42% increase for CR 8, and a 49% increase for CR 9!

    Status Reductions

    Fortitude and Willpower now reduce negative status effects less than before, with numbers closer to pre-EGC. This is the new table:

    alt text

    This was before the patch:

    alt text

    The reduction at 1000v1000 is now 50% instead of 67%. This makes all negative status effects (including CCs, but not only) more effective.

    If needed, we will introduce diminishing returns for hard CCs in the future.


    The shocked status was problematic for game servers, since a single shocking AOE applied on a large group of already shocked targets could generate hundreds of damage instances. Game clients also struggled to keep up. Moreover, the effect was weak to totally useless if one wasn't hitting A LOT of targets at the same time.

    Shock has been reworked. Adding stacks to an already shocked target now deals damage to the target itself, and releases 1 lighting that hits a random enemy within 4 meters (up from 2). The damage dealt to the primary and optional secondary target depends on the number of shocked stacks on the primary and ranges from 80 to 160 (up from 40 to 120).

    This should make Aeromancy an excellent school against single targets or small groups, and give abilities such as Chain Lighting the intended effect when used against 2 close targets.

    Also, Shocking Arrows can now be learnt from the Bandit Agitator!


    Freeze duration, which depends on the number of Chilled stacks on the target, has been increased from 0.5-3 to 1-3. Coupled with the CC reduction nerf, it makes Freeze easier to use and more effective. Moreover, the following changes have been implemented:

    • Deep Freeze damage 100-150 x MP => 120-180 x MP
    • Frost Blast damage 100-150 x MP => 120-180 x MP
    • Frost Nova damage 300-450 x MP => 360-540 x MP
    • Permafrost damage 300-450 x MP => 360-540 x MP
    • Icebound Blast damage 200-300 x MP => 240-360 x MP
    • Ice Spikes: smaller cone, faster projectiles


    The only place where a nerf was needed. Assassins were too oppressive in PvP.

    If a player's Detection is >= the Stealth of a hidden player and is close enough, all the members of the party of the detector will now see the assassin as semi-transparent, not only the detector itself. Moreover, the following changes have been implemented:

    • Assassin set magic resistance: 500 => 400.
    • Shadow Dash charges: 4-2 => 2, cooldown 10 => 12-8.
    • Shadow Step extra weapon damage: 100-150 x PP => 40-100 x PP, Fear duration 3-4.5 x PP => 3 x PP.
    • Coup de Grace pure damage per missing HP: 5-7.5 => 4-6.

    Note that ranges above mean school level 0 - school level 10.


    Several buffs in here!

    • Poison spell stacks: 5-7.5 x MP => 8-12 x MP
    • Poison Spray: 100-150 x MP => 120-180 x MP, stacks 5-7.5 x MP => 10-15 x MP
    • Headshot stun: 0.75 x PP => 1.5 x PP
    • Strafing Strike: channeling time 1.5s => 1s, total arrows 9 => 8
    • Volley: smaller cone
    • Crystal Shackles mana removal: 50-75 x MP => 80-120 x MP
    • Crystalline Touch mana removal: 30-45 x MP => 40-60 x MP
    • Earth Spikes slow duration: 3 x PP => 1.2-1.8 x PP
    • Slow slow duration: 2-3 x PP => 2.4-3.6 x PP
    • Hack & Slash: duration 1.5-3 => 2-3, attacks 3-6 => 4-6, attacks deal full damage, target is properly stunned
    • Energy Blast: duration 3 => 2, dmg/s 200-300 x MP => 300-450 x MP, stacks/s 4-6 x MP => 6-9 x MP
    • Sprouting Pulse: root time 1.5 x MP => 1.8 x MP
    • Entangling Roots: root time 1.6-2.4 x MP => 2-3 x MP

  • DymStudios - CEO


    • The countdown for city food upkeep now starts if the town hall is not built.
    • Heavy material storage blueprint no longer reports 0/0 stone blocks and wood logs.
    • Heavy material storage can now be moved and deleted.
    • Added lights to Arboreus buildings.
    • The lamp hanging from the stargate can now be used to open the stargate menu.
    • Opening one's claim and then another no longer shows the maintenance timer of the first one.
    • Carts left in land parcels that become unclaimed now start their 24h self-destruction timer.
    • Cart inventory tooltips now correctly disappear when closing the menu with ESC.
    • The icon of ghost, mount and legend events now disappears when the event is completed (no more mobs left or legend killed), even if not despawned yet.
    • Market find for primitive items no longer shows material selector.
    • <br> tags in chat messages no longer interpreted as new lines.
    • Fireplaces in siege tents can now be build correctly.
    • The Warhammer recipe is no longer missing.

  • Despite classical "tank" class/build is super unpopular (as almost unplayable) tanky stats like fortitude have been nerfed.
    Again despite almost everyone plays as speller in medium/light armor spells have been buffed and CC resist nerfed.

  • Assassin was a popular profession when it was launched in November last year, but now it has been weakened and cannot be played. The Great Axe Last Changer patch used to easily single brush ogres and jotunn, but now no one wants to play it. I want to ask which profession can still single brush Legends now

  • another nerf on the assassin class, I see that it's not worth playing again because the class that should be better in 1v1 was nerfed to the point of becoming a support, the time I wasted chasing orbs was thrown in the trash, very sad

  • Moderator

    To put things into perspective, the assassin changes came after an overwhelming part of the community asked for them, including the assassins. They were simply too strong, and they probably still are even after these changes.
    Right now the meta is dominated by assassins.

  • Moderator

    This also was necessary. The game before this change no longer had CCs. They were simply not used anymore, since the accuracy chart introduced with EGC patch made them ultra short.
    This chart is a compromise before the new one introduced with EGC and the one before it.

    This change is also a buff to tanks, which are already immune to them thanks to their armor sets and instead use a lot of CCs.

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