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  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    Hey there! I'd like to know how deeply will social issues within player be managed. I mean, will there be, for example, weddings, flagging single players as "enemy", mentor-student relations, and so on?


    Player issue management can be very difficult, because on the one hand it is requested from many player who are social competent enough to handle it with care and on the other hand it can be easily abused by player who just want to troll.
    But i guess it is possible if the player to player issue management will be implemented as a community system, means, if there are some options to flag player as "evil/enemy" then the community should be able to regulate it, if it is shown, that there will be just some trolling marauders.
    I'm very curious, what we get by developers to handle social interaction between player.

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