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  • Hello, has anyone been successful in getting a refund for the game?

    I've message support several times with no reply now, there's no ticket system on the website, no links or FAQs for refunds...seems rather scummy but that's neither here nor there.

    Any assistance or knowledge on the matter is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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    if you purchased via Steam, you can request a refund as long as you've played less than 2 hrs.

    Otherwise, you are backing an 'in-development' game and no refunds are due.


    @GamerSeuss You are wrong, in Early Access on Steam the 2 hours doesn't count, even now with their updated policies 🙂 Reason is that games is in Early Access for years, and then two hours isn't even compareable to how the game will be, right?

    But they updated the policies to add the 2 hours to "Advanced Access", which still isn't Early Access. Advanced Access means games with pre-orders that offers headstart.

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