Patch Log - b.0.6f3 (Server Migration)

  • DymStudios - CEO

    Hi all,

    today we have migrated our servers (except the one hosting Terra) to new machines to assess the effect of a different CPU architecture on login issues. While doing that, we also fixed the following critical bugs:

    • Wooden Lockpicks and Cotton Bandages have been added to the Inventory Crafting menu.
    • Added audio to some mute spells and fixed Acid Breath which conversely kept playing sound even after disappearing.
    • The list of quests in the Journey System menu can be scrolled down again.
    • Stargates are now functional.
    • Fixed a major bug on mana regeneration which would sometimes be re-calculated incorrectly when moving from one server worker (= a process controlling a portion of the world) to another.
    • The Tanning Tub and Wood Refinery stations now consume the correct amount of materials.
    • Dying and respawning no longer makes a character permanently invisible to monsters. Please note this bug was a symptom of a larger issue that we are still fixing.


  • How about making bandages actually work instead of giving +0 healing!?!

  • DymStudios - CEO

    @JameRetief said in Patch Log - b.0.6f3 (Server Migration):

    How about making bandages actually work instead of giving +0 healing!?!

    They work, they raise your Health Regeneration for 10 seconds (you can see it in the HP bar in the top-left corner). The +0 is just graphical glitch 🙂

  • como falo com o suporte



  • @Prometheus The health regeneration isn't working very well for new melee characters, after playing for 10 minutes with this update to them, I restarted as a caster... the health regen doesn't help enough, even with good CON, when you are trying to stay alive in a solo fight, I won't be going back to melee, I just kept dying, and just not having fun with this health regen change... 😞


    Come to AWS services.

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