Gathered Feedback: Weapon selection feedback

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    Welcome to the second feedback discussion thread!.
    Each of these threads is related to a specific feedback/idea that the game's GM and Mods have collected in DIscord or in game and that has been forwarded to the developers. The aim of these threads is to discuss this feedback, to better understand how much interest the community shows toward it, if it has any critics or alternative ideas. So let us know what you think about it! Even just a +1 or -1 to the thread will be enough to understand how many players are for it or against it.

    Note: The fact that a feedback is presented in this thread does not mean that it will be implemented, it could be refused by devs for mutiple reasons (technical feasibility, excessive effort, against the game's vision...), but the amount of support that a feedback receives will surely be a factor.

    This time the feedback is about the perceived uselessness of the Morning star weapon.


    Now, using this occasion I would like to expand the subject a bit, so please share your feedback on the viability of the different weapons.

    Which weapons do you think are used too much? Which weapons you would never see yourself using? What would you change about them?

  • i wonder who that was on the discord 😉

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    I hide that just cause I didn't ask for the person permission 😛

  • Halberd could need some love, not poisonable, no spell channeling and the raw power is medium compared to other two handed weapons.


    the light mace, axe, and wooden club are all rather pointless.
    You can use the Morningstar battle axe for concussive strike, so no reason to use the light mace.
    Hypothetically they -along with dagger- are there for assassins'... but since crit damage, stealth, and assassins' armor are not working well there is very little point to them. And dagger is just better.

    Bare fists are uniquely under powered as they: cannot take enchantments like any other weapon, sometimes do not count as light weapons, are necessary for elemental fist attacks but the damage scales off of it not dex or str, and the final talent switches damage to dex... but that is a penalization since you cant use most dex skills without a weapon and many good martial artist skills (battle jump, flurry of blows, etc..) are str based, not dex based so you end up in a bad position. AND in the first few weeks of game play before T2 weapon recipes drop the unarmed brawler talent tree is the go to place for higher damage, but only then. The introduction of fist wraps would greatly help this imbalance. You could make str based fist wraps (steel gauntlets), int based wraps (cloth + crafting material), or even spiked brass knuckles for dex and piercing. Having fist wraps would remove the perceived need to buff 'unarmed' melee with the talent tree causing this unique oddity and also allow 'unarmed' melee martial artists to finally have enchantment options on their weapons, like everyone else.

    Wands. Single hand, lower damage/range (maybe aoe like light weapons?) int based weapons. give mages some variability and a build that allows use of shield other than bare hands.

    Hand crossbow or throwing daggers. Same idea as the wands, something more limited but gives more flexibility to dex melee.

    Stones. a ranged str weapon for melee. It can be slow, and suck, but at least give them the option.

  • I will list the weapons I see least and most during my play time. My observations may not reflect the reality, and if so, please do not hesitate to correct me.

    Most used:

    • Great Axe
    • Great Sword
    • Rapier
    • Scimitar
    • Dagger
    • Mage Staves
    • Short Bow

    Least used:

    • Clubs
    • 1h Axe
    • 1h Sword
    • Quarterstaff
    • Longbow
    • Polearms

    It would be nice if we get a balancing patch so that each weapon can fit into(or excel at) specific situations/encounters.

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    The longbow for sure has some issues compared to the shortbow.

    The damage difference between the two is not enough to justify losing the use of the spells, especially the elemental arrows.

    To make them a bit more distinct I would remove the blocking trait from the longbow, and replace it with a 25% armor piercing. This would increase the damage inflicted by the longbow auto attacks and hunting skills by around 20%, depending on the armor of the target. This would give a specific role to the longbow. Still not as good as the shortbow for 1v1, but a very good damage dealer in group situations.

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    Appended from Discord:



    What about sockets amount for Two-Handed/One-Handed weapon? There is balance here?



    Would like to see a light 1h spell caster ranged weapon like a wand at some stage tbh added.

    But weapons definetly need a balance look

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