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  • This issue was discussed some time ago but I wanted to bring it back to the surface. I think it would be nice to have some QoL improvements on processing related tasks before the "major crafting expansion". The improvements I can think of are:

    • Ability to load/unload carts more easily
    • Ability to load smelters/tanning tubs more easily
    • Ability to carry multiple blocks(stone blocks/wood logs) at once(this was shown in one of the kickstarter videos I believe)

    If uou can also share your ideas, that would be wonderful and maybe Devs also see them.

  • Packaging station. Give Me quick load or give me death more meat sacks

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    One of the possibilities, which was advanced by the devs during a stream, was to not have the cart inventory close every time.
    This would save so many clicks.

  • I have several suggestions:

    1. Give the smelters and tanning tubs storage like the woodcutting station, it do not need to as big, but should hold a wagon at least. Then you can start smelting after adding fuel if you have at least 5 ore in the storage. Restrict storage to one type of ore or add a select ore feature before smelting.

    2. Allow unloading an entire wagon into storage, both the storage suggested above and the woodcutting station, let it take some time, either a progress bar like for multiple craftings, or let us see the character empty the wagon/cart one item at a time, just without having to click over and over.

    3. Allow us to start the Advanced smelters with only one chamber filled (5 ores), there is Silver/Tin nodes, Copper/Gold nodes, etc, so when mining tin you may get some silver too, it would be nice to be able to melt them when you have 5 and not have to wait until you have 10


    It would be very nice if the food/stone/wood storage buildings and food packing station worked like the market. Just ride up and fill your cart with a slider or deposit bags the same way.

    I think the tanning tubs are at a good place right now. They can hold a lot and most dont see a need for having more than two on their property.
    It would be nice if smelters also increased their capacity (even at the expense of taking more time).
    I see the ability to fill a tanning tub with 40 hides then leave for the day and come back to 40 tanned hides 16 hours later as a nice feature. While having to checkup on smelters every 4 hours for 1 ingot is just a hassle. I would be very happy with having the smelters take up to 4 stacks of 4 fuel and a stack of 20 ore and produce 4 ingots after 16 hours.
    It is very rare that I harvest less than 30 ore at a time, so why not have the advanced smelters eat all of that at once (3x current), cost 3x more fuel, and take 3x more time? It would be very convenient.

  • @OlivePit To throw in my thoughts with the smelter, why not make the time variable on how much you smelt?
    1 bar = 4 hours
    2 bars = 8 hours
    3 bars = 12 hours
    and finally 4 bars = 16 hours

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