The Evil of Cotton Balls!!!


    Cotton: a flowering plant, occasionally necessary to increase the nutrients in the soil of a cities’ fields.

    Cotton Balls: an evil byproduct of cotton, that is momentarily useful, but then quickly fills up storage space like Tribbles on the spaceship Enterprise.

    Yes, when it comes to farming, cotton fields are occasionally necessary; there is just no way around it. However, the long term result is being buried alive in cotton balls. At first you can make cotton cloth out of them and this is a benefit to your skills. After you no longer benefit from crafting cotton cloth, however, the cotton ball is useless.

    Cotton cloth, made from cotton balls, has no real useful purpose. In almost all ways clothing made from other materials makes better clothing. Cotton cloth is, unfortunately, unsellable even for the lowest of prices.

    Likewise cotton balls do not sell. No one needs them and therefore no one wants them. I know this for a fact as I am a farmer and currently have 11,000 + cotton balls & 1000 + cotton cloth that no one wants at any price.

    Either we should be allowed to plow under cotton so we no longer need to deal with these evil cotton balls, if we don’t want too, or other uses for cotton balls must be found. Perhaps we can make slightly better bandages with them (10 or {25} cotton balls = 1 good bandage)? There could always be better clothing. Something! Anything! Just save us from these evil balls of cotton PLEASE!!!

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    Let's start developing a cotton fueled stargate. We shall no longer suffer those pesky wildfolks and their overpriced primal crystals!

  • @spoletta Building a brigde made of cotton?
    Sounds quite interesting.

    But to come back to the topic, I will forward it.


    @spoletta I think we have enough cotton for it 🙂 I bet we could build a sunshade big enough to cover the entire surface of Myr while we're at it too!


    @LordSkykal said

    But to come back to the topic, I will forward it.

    Thank you so very much!
    Cotton balls really aren’t as much fun as Tribbles.


    Or literally just give us a GINORMOUS expansion to the farming and town managements systems. At the same time would be lovely, but one or the other can be first 🦌

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