June 30 Update

  • Hello adventurers!

    The June 30 Update is now live!

    You can expect:
    ❄ More Aerhen love!
    ⚖ Balance changes!
    🐛 Bug fixes
    ♥ And lots more!

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    world boss changes: great !
    love to Aerhen : wonderful !
    changes to vice gov and starter cities : Thank you very much !
    Changes to tutorial and mastery: Yea, ok, that is a good idea. Better to get players out into the game world than sitting around in the tutorial very long.
    Leashing changes: Excelent.

    change to touches:
    ok... Before the patch I could have crippling strike and a touch power on at the same time, which increased my options/effect/and damage as a no weapon brawler... making them incompatable just hurts brawlers more, especially since 10 stacks is basically nothing and the damage is based on int2 instead of something like crippling strike which is dex6. this also makes brawlers wearing rogue armor much more tedious to play as i now have to switch between toggles as they -very quickly- come off of cool down, instead of just having them toggled and activating along with the touch. much sad. please give us fist wraps / brass knuckles.

    cloak changes: ok, now it is useable... but still not sure why it has the damage resist aspect... Will give it another look.

    Entangling web nerf: yea, that needed to happen.

    mage armor running cost reduction:
    wow, yea, that is a way to make it useable ! We might even see some more mages taking those short range spells and getting into melee more without becoming splatter in seconds. it still takes a slot, and mem, but at least it is something.

    Totem cost reduction:
    Appreciated , but would still be nice to be able to place more than one.
    I can somewhat understand why you wont let me place two of the same in the situation where one lives long enough that the cd of the ability comes back up... But if I choose to spend 12 memory points for all 4 totems I do not see why i should only be able to use one of the four at a time.

    All the buffs to mage damage and reduction of casting times:
    Thank you very much. I hope this makes mages more playable and hope to see more action there.


    There are no arctic wolves around the arctic wolf legend, which would be contradicting the statement whereby legend summon materials can be found nearby the altar.

  • Moderator

    It pains me that all these great patches happen exactly when I can't play....

    That said, these changes are pretty much fantastic.

    Going over them one by one:

    Legendary revamp: YES! We will see these done a lot more and for sure we will also see quite a few fights happening over them. Only possible issue that I see with this, is the possibility for a group to chain kill the same legend by logging in a low population time, so maybe a cooldown on the altar that triggers after 3 summons could be considered. Still a 10/10 for me.

    Monster leashing fixed: Yeah, this is going to make PvE a lot harder, but it surely was needed. The previous situation was silly. Now tanks start getting a real role in a group.

    Changes to cast time gathering time: Sorely needed. A lot of mage players feel that the combat is too clunky and this will surely help... but why calling it gathering time? As a new player reading a tooltip I wouldn't think about a cast time.

    Changes to arrows and fists: Fully okay with this. Removes a big weakness of shortbow and unarmed builds, while also greatly decreasing their mana needs.

    Mana changes in general: Mana was too much of an issue, so all these reductions are welcome. Particularly appreciated the mage armor no longer draining your mana. This will make the game 100% more newbie friendly for mages.

    Spell damage increase: Many buffs to high memory cost spells. Very good changes, since the mages have actually very good memory cost 1 spells, and their issues came from not having anything good on the big spell selection.

    Empower nerf: We all saw this coming.

    Frenzy Nerf: My archer still hurts all over, but I recognize that it was needed.


    Give Aerhen More Love is actually an incorrect title for this patch. Rather, the title should read Give Aerhen the Gankers and PVPers too. I am disappointed with this patch as once again it only brought new content for PVP and gankers. Our guild was already considering trying the legends, and have already collected all the necessary resources to summon them. However, when it became known that we had to become NEUTRAL, that was done for us. Wrong content. Where please is there something new for pure PVE players?
    Balance Changes: I don't have to cheer, this is normal and long overdue.
    Vice Governors can now promote Citizens to Trusted Citizens and vice versa and also delete buildings : Good extension of city rights, just wondering why it wasn't like this from the start. I hope that there will be more improvements to the city and guild rights.
    Our city has been dealing with a bug for 3-4 weeks where some Trusted Citizens and Vice Presidents no longer have access to city menus - workbenches - packing station - smelting. I wonder why such a bug existed for 3 weeks. Access to the packing station is important for supplying the city. Meat bags for example.
    Since nothing is done for pure PVE players in Syndesia anymore, not even for bugs in the city rights system, we will stop our activities. Many of our players have gone to Kos and are waiting for the patch with Arboreus, the rest of us will now do the same.
    Goodbye to Arboreus.

  • @Filou The title is based on the fact that this is a series of patches that aim to complete Aerhen.
    For example, the last patch added the Dawn Island with the missing encounters and added platinum and sulphur, this patch added two new items and 8 legendary enemies.
    However, the points of interest and locations, for example, are still pending.

    Legendaries were always intended to require to be neutral to fight them, but this restriction was circumvented as a result of an exploit that was fixed in the patch.


    @LordSkykal everything is clear and everything is correct. Syndesia has been under construction since the first alpha and has been playing Fractured ever since. The whole time we worked on PVP and ganking, added a few monsters, always assuming that the gankers and PVPers had fun playing the game. That's acceptable for Syndesia, but where are the penalties for the Kos players? The whole thing has absolutely nothing to do with conquering the city. Did the players who stayed still accept so far. Now my question.. Where is the fun in the game for the pure PVE
    ers who, according to the developer, should also find a home on Fractured?
    If I look at the development time of Syndesia, which is still not finished, then in comparison Arboreus will be terrible to play in the short time if the patch should come in summer. It's summer now, so not much time left. But it would certainly not have been a problem for the PVE people to add something to Aerhen, for example, so that they also have their right to exist at the moment. It can be removed again with the Arboreus patch. But we accept it as it is now, but we are 78 players, half of them will not play the game anymore, and the others are still undecided if they will come back when Arboreus comes. I put a lot of effort into recruiting players, but obviously the developers didn't understand how to deliver something for the PVElers. But Jacopo's friends who all have red players are there a very loud voice that is heard.
    Like I said we accepted it and Fractured lost a lot of players.


    so are we gonna talk about the fact that vice governors that were promoted after the 'trusted citizen' patch, still don't have vice governor access. or that mammoth meat has literally no use. or how all the movement skills are useless???

  • Moderator

    @Filou Sorry but your view of the issue seems incredibly skewed and misinformed.

    Syndesia is currently a pve only land, and all the pvp players have left it as a consequence. This is the first time a possible pvp activity has been added to the hypotetically "PvPvE" planet. May I ask you what gave you the impression that pvp players have been somehow catered to so far? Because the common opinion is that devs have catered overly to PvE players until now.


    @spoletta wow So my view is real, I rather think that your view is no longer neutral. As always with games that try to blend PVP and PVE together, PVP players are whining that there is way too much PVE content. I'm not whining that there's too much PVP, I'm complaining that since the beginning of the alpha there's only been one PVP focused continent. It's a shame about the wasted developer time. I rule a city and a guild, and I have to respect the wishes of my brothers and citizens. And since we've been promised a PVE continent, we're waiting for it. Our guild has 78 members and about 10 players left because they don't like the game. About 60 players left and won't come back until the PVE content is there because they were ganked on the dragons or ogres or jotun and didn't want to have more that their game fun is taken. 8 players have persevered until now and hoped for improvement. We wanted to make world boss legends now, but we 8 don't make legends either where the gankers show up and steal our fun from the game, so we'll also stop the fact that there is no more PVE content. Since the PVP players always need sacrifices (not opponents) Syndesia and Tartaros will be a flop in my opinion.
    This is also confirmed by the opinions of my guild brothers. My prediction for post-release player population is 75% Arboreus, 20% Syndesia, and 5% Tartaros.
    I love the game and would love the city conquests too, but not under the current conditions dictated by the PVP friends.
    You may dislike what I say, but time will tell.

  • @Filou
    Hello Hero Filou,

    The statement that the developers focus exclusively on PVP and build Syndesia on it is factually wrong.
    I created a list for this, which divides the patches into different categories since the beginning of the beta and it shows that over time PVP and Reds had received the short end of the stick again and again.

    Syndesia was always conceived as a mixed world where pvp and pve should coexist.
    That's why there is, for example, the Sherif system so that players can put other players in their place who overdo it.
    The PVP players are even comparatively quiet at the moment.
    The time they really cranked it up was when they suffered the most from the patches.

    But I would ask you to refrain from making statements such as, for example, that Jacopo only listens to a small clique without proof.

    Generally, you base your views on personal experiences and beliefs rather than facts.


    I can already see this is going nowhere. Funny Lately even the leader can't access anything in our town. Now of course I can imagine what I want. Maybe see you on Arboreus.

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