Monster / Drop rates balance suggestion

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    Wolves skill Bleeding strike should be transfered to Dire wolves/Arctic wolves [wolves are too common and annoying]
    Arctic Wolves (CR 3) -> CR 4-5, health up, dmg up [Aerhen is not for the weak]
    Dire wolves -> remove shard of corruption from drop, too easy to get OR 5% -> 1%
    Warg -> Drop chances Shard of corruption 5% -> 1% [get them from Spider Leeches, FerGhouls, Drake]

    [goblins need to be more popular with players who have gone through the early stages of character development by adding tasty loot]
    Goblin Medic (Challengeranking 3) -> CR 4 [recipes, yes], stats up, add 0.5-1% chance to drop Crystallized Magic
    Goblin Cutthroat -> add 0.5-1% chance to drop Rogue Stone
    Goblin Warchief -> chance to drop Rogue Stone 5% -> 10% (it's too rare)

    Goblin Shadowdancer (Challengeranking 3) -> CR 4, add 0.5-1% chance to drop Rogue Stone
    All elemental Shamans CR 4 -> CR 5, chance to drop Crystallized Magic 5% -> 15%

    Bandit Archmage Outcast (Challengeranking 5) -> Will stone 5% -> 20% (to rare, compared to 5% of Vampiric spiders -> it's a nightmare to farm them for Will Stones, I tried)
    Bandit Leader (Challengeranking 5) -> CR 6, chance to drop Rogue stone 5% -> 20% [same, but no easy and popular alternatives]

    Mountain Troll (Challengeranking 4) -> CR 5, Hardened Skin 1.5% -> 8-15%

    Blood iron ingot drop chance 2% -> 1%

    Ogre Lord (Challengeranking 8 )
    Rogue stone 2% -> 15%

    All Primeling CR 4 -> CR 3
    All Elementals CR 5 -> CR 4
    All Greater Elementals CR 6 -> CR 5

    Wolf Spider (Challengeranking 4) -> remove poison, [for CR 4 it's too strong]. Or make poison weaker, OR move to CR 5. [They are too close to starter city, each spider wolve is a nightmare for new player]
    Spider Lich drop chance Shard of corruption 6% -> 15% [because we taken this from Dire wolves, Wargs]

    Treant (Challengeranking 6) Treant Sap 10% -> 50%
    Sproutling (Challengeranking 4) Treant Sap 10% 0% -> 1%

    Jotuun Cleric, Ogre magi slow auto attacks -> faster attacks, faster animations. Too easy to avoid damage completely.

    Dragon breathe dont touch melee warriors -> should touch melee warriors (say goodbye to easy farm solo)

    Thanks, that was quick

  • Moderator

    Apart from the changes to wolves and Arctic wolves, I agree with almost all points and add:

    Sproutlings -> CR from 4 to 3

    All caster bandits -> CR from 4 to 5

    Sea Trolls -> CR from 5 to 4

    Mountain Trolls -> CR from 5 to 6

    Ogre warriors -> CR from 7 to 6

  • Content Creator

    The thing about Wolf Spiders and indeed Wolves is the fact that because they appear so close to town, it is easy to farm them, then run back to town to heal, then go out before they respawn. By the time you get back to town, hopefully you've put on a Talent Point or two, and then they are you've made a couple of Remedies for the Spiders...

    Wolves become laughably easy once you have the Thorn Armor spell(can't recall its exact name right now)

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