Bug Collection ! :)



    I will use this Thread to post my found bugs and also updating when i stumble into new ones.

    1.) Activated "Protection from Fire" skill makes your staff attacks und skills fire somewhere

    When you fight with the Skill activated your abilitys and weapon attacks starting going wild! Firing in another direction or in the sky 🙂

    2.) Bug in terrain leads to "Out of Sight" when trying to use skills

    Please look into this location on screenshot there seems some terrain issues that leads to blocking sight but its visual open field.


    3.) Foxes dont drop Fox Tailes

    Killed manyyyy Foxes (around 200) but no Fox Tail are droping so i guess it seems buged.

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    @Ignator Foxes are a very rare drop, just like Rabbit's feet.

    I've got 5 of each, and that's with my sister's help



    Good to know it exist. But maybe really a bit to rare drop chance in my point of view.


    Drop rates need to increase all accross the board. They were much higher last alpha, this time they clearly over corrected in the opposite direction and made things too rare.. hope for an adjustment before too long.

  • I disagree. I hunt foxes and rabbit frequently and I would say the rare drops from them add to the value of the material.

    It's nice to actually get an item that has some worth on the market.

    Plus, there will likely be more in circulation when the game has more players (release).

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    @OlivePit You also consider that the game is now 'Always up' not a limited 30 day test, so drop rates can be a whole lot rarer to give value to some reagents.

    Even though Foxtail and Rabbits Feet are pretty rare, and we now need 5 of them to enchant with, I still think their drop rate is good overall.

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