Mages need fixing ASAP

  • Warm stacks do not add up so no chance to make someone burn - Video proof

    Despite cloth armor being fixed... it wasn't. Mana cost reduction Does not work still.

    With mana cost reduction not working and only 1 out of 3 spells applying warm stacks after building my character around the game I was familiar with pre patch now I'm left with useless spells that I can't do anything with not much KP to farm since I got 60/60 talents and maxed most of the mobs.

    Please fix warm stacks and the armor mana reduction asap as there is no chance to compete.


    +1 .

  • Is this also the case with Fire Arrows?

    Because other than the initial hit, I never see any actual effect from the stacks.

  • @Kazzier I Didn't have an archer nearby to test that out unfortunately.
    In general you have to stack up to 100 to create the burn effect.
    It's always going to be hard without the ''Ignite'' spell which adds stacks and also doubles them, but as it is now it's pretty much impossible.

  • Moderator

    Arrows apply the stacks, but they are depleted before the next arrow, so....

    In general I think that elemental arrows and elemental touch spells should apply 15-18 stacks, or they simply don't work.

  • It is possible to reach frozen statues on mobs just using chill arrow and double shot. I have never seen the burning status effect on mobs even with using fire arrows + firebolt + ignite spam, I don't think it is working currently.

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