Cities and a better Prestige system?


    Ok, over the past numerous alpha tests we have had constantly shifting requirements for ranking up cities.
    Prestige from buildings in town or out of town, number of citizens, number of residents, high food/gold costs, etc...
    The goal behind these systems seems to be encouraging the inclusion of many people into a greater project and thus creating a community.
    I greatly support this goal, but the methods of achieving it seem to have issues.
    Some factors are logistical - you cant see who is taking what from where and so citizens steal = anti social and community behavior.
    Some are informational- citizens/residents/visitors cant see the cities tech progression, and so have no idea what they are joining.
    and there are plenty of other factors as well.

    I would encourage people to post what systems they think are necessary for making towns locations for community building (the supposed goal) and how those systems would work.

    Personally I feel that buildings built by residents should add to the cities prestige and use prestige as a gate for ranking up.
    This would allow for cities to encourage residents to build houses and supply them with supplementary services in town, or to focus on prestige buildings in town instead which would allow residents to make manufacturing plots.
    While this may encourage duplication of some buildings, that is a choice of the town to be monotonous and boring. It could also be moderated with minor balancing of building prestige being related to how much space it takes up.

    What are other peoples thoughts?


    1. Different citizen ranks. Start out as a peasant for example, work your way up to commoner with higher rights, then to citizens etc.

    2. more levels to unlock public access. Should be some sort of degree. I.e, put your own stuff in, but not be allowed to take others out. an "owned" by tag for example.

    3. a citizen chat channel. Not all citizens are guild members.

    4. Some sort of MOTD system that pops up for citizens either on first login, first time entering the city, or combination. This would inform citizens of what is required. Be that wagons of stone/wood/ore to assisting with the harvest to special announcements about city happenings.

    1. City utilities should have more control options. Non-citizens should be able to buy non-processed items(woods,ores,etc.) from the storages and use processing stations(tubs,crafting benches,smelters,etc.) for a fee(determined by the city government)

    2. Cities should provide additional benefits rather than only access to certain techs. Territory buffs, city-only items/materials, etc to attract residents/citizens

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