"You are encumbered" but no Weight-Debuff when collecting Wheat

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    See also notes in posts below: It is not just Wheat, it seems to be for more materials (i tried it with Cotton), if you stay on same Material that you collect. New Stacks don't trigger the Debuff in this case. Picking up another material item or moving an item in your inventory triggers the Weight Debuff directly.

    I was collecting wheat at my fields in the inner town space.
    After reaching 100% weight i got for each collecting of Wheat the "You are encumbered" floating text. But no Debuff Icon applied and i didn't got slowed down.
    I noticed also, that i had a persistent Road-Speed-Buff.


    The Encumbered-Defuff is showing up immediately after I am picking up anything else, like a plant. And then after I did Cereal Sacks and my my Inventory goes back to under 100%, the Debuff isn't vanishing till i change my Inventory, like storing things in bank and take them back.

  • I can confirm the bug, I tried it shortly after Kralith

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    The bug is reproducable.

    Before collecting Wheat:

    Floating text appears for each harvesting: "You are encumbered"
    Inventory at 269% and no Speed Debuff:


    Collecting another item (here Rosmary), Speed-Debuff "Heavily Encumbered" appears:


    Crafting Sacks, Encumbered-Debuff stays:


    Placing one item to the bank, Encumbered-Debuff vanished:


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    Additional Info to the Road-Speed-Buff-Icon:

    • If i have a persistent Speed-Buff-Icon, it doesn't mean I really have the Buff, means I am not faster
    • When I am back on a Road i have a double Spee-Buff and it acts as expected
    • The persisten Speed-Buff Icon I had several times from start, but I didn't found a reason or an idea, when it comes up

    As for the reported topic: Even I have the persistant Road-Speed-Buff-Icon, @Leya had it not, but same Encumbered behaviour for collecting Wheat.

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    Additional Info for the Encumbered-Debuff after making sacks:

    Debuff after collecting but before changing Inventory:

    I can remove the Debuff too with just moving an item in the inventory.

    Moved Bitterleaf one space down, Debuff disappears:

  • I believe this bug is reproducible with any stackable item. I was actually messing around with this bug and I've been able to figure out that if you loot a new item your weight will be acknowledged and it'll slow you down but if you loot something that stacks on something else inside your inventory then the encumbered check doesn't happen.

    So for instance, if you kill trolls and just loot hides only you can go up to 190% without being slowed but if you loot anything else then poof it'll slow you down.

    So for any of the devs, the encumbrance check doesn't happen when the item adds to an existing stack inside your inventory.

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    @Ablabla but it should if you get next stack.
    It happens just with wheat for me, if i collect Beans, it gives encumberance if you hit the next stack at least. I will try to confirm that if it just happens with a new stack of beans.

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    @Ablabla Okay, i can confirm that.
    Just tried with Cotton right now, a new Stack don't triggers the Debuff either.

  • This bug is the only light in the deep, dark, basement we know as farming in Fractured 😩 May this be low on the list of fixes


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