Patch Log - v.b.0.0.l8

  • DymStudios - CEO

    Hi all,

    the following fixes will be released today in the afternoon in a bugfix patch. Apologies for the inconveniences these bugs have caused!

    • Crafting recipes now drop properly. Beware: they're very rare! Have a look at this table for the relation between a monster's CR (Challenge Rating) and its chance to drop a crafting recipe.
    • The menus of harbor offices should now be always openable.
    • Totems cast by players no longer hurt Young players.
    • Totems of Wildfire / Winter / Thunder now add 10 stacks of their element per second as they should instead of adding them much more frequently.
    • Fixed multiple bugs with the Corrosion and Shocked status effects that were dealing too much damage / applying effects too frequently / with higher intensity than due.
    • Catapults can be packaged and move to siege areas again.
    • Fixed a bug that would prevent a player from logging out (stuck forever unless a GM intervened) if something went wrong in the "cart release" process.
    • High-level event chests now drop the correct amount of loot. Moreover, the loot of all chests has been rebalanced, i.e. nerfed.
    • Evil players can no longer interact with the banks and marketplaces of the cities they aren't citizen of.
    • Attackers and defenders can be accepted for sieges.
    • Primitive swords can be crafted, and yes, they're made of wood and stone, not ingots.
    • It's no longer possible to get more than 1 personal land parcel per account.

  • Is there any information on what mobs belong to what challenge level?


    Thank you for the update, great work to be fair with many issues fixed that are key to the fun part of the experience.

    A few questions/comments.

    • As THH asked, it would be great to get more info on the challenges level. I get that a Troll will be higher than a Goblin but for people who have been farming all mobs and are close to 60 talents points, farming mob to test out which are which is not going to be fun. Also would legends part of this list?
    • For the Catapult fix, it's great, I also heard that defenders were not able to defend (as they can't create the group in-game to do so), is this something that is also part of the fix?
    • And last but not least for me, the Evil change, I'd love to read more about what's the aim for Evil players, what is their gameplay expected. (i.e: I was imagining Evil players would be city-less bandits traveling the world for opportunities). But from this change, I feel, you'd like the Evil players to create their city and stay in/around one area to target very specific targets.

    Can't wait for the patch to go live though, thanks!

  • An old WIKI page said 10 but I know this is not right--

    How many warm stacks cause burning?
    The only way i was able to make someone burn was with the totem and I think it should not have been like that

    • unless the animations are funny


    I imagine something a Bunny Rabbit would be a 0, a vampire spider around 5-6, Jotun/Mammoths/Elementals around 7-8? Legends of course would probably be 10. Or w/e the highest number is.

    But still, some kind of actual ranking would be nice. Given how rare they are. For the first time i'm hoping the drop rate will be bugged and a fox will drop the two recipes i'm actually hoping for

  • Here the Challenge rating published by the Game Master Lord Skykal in the discord.

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