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    I understand that the Angel/Abomination paths are to allow a player to change alignment if they start as a race inherently good or evil, but I was thinking that it's a little odd that, to take the angel for example, a demon can become an epitome of good, but a (Wildkin? what are they called now?) can't, and vice versa.

    The Lich for humans, as being a creature that has achieved 'immortality' through desire/achievement of great knowledge/power, makes sense, unfortunate that the humans only option is one that has evil connotations, but it fits with the lore of humans causing the Fracture through those same desires.

    But I was wondering if there could then be, for beastfolk and demons (maybe even humans get all three? good/neutral/evil) a pathway to championing their native alignment: some sort of primordial/sylvan spirit, and a... (whats more demonic than a demon?)
    Or would this sort of thing be what the 'Champion of (Insert deity)' would be for?

    P.S. Now that I've written this out, I sort of think it's perfect the way it is: the names are a little unfortunate, but the base idea is good. Maybe something more equivalent to the Beastfolk/Demons than Angel/Abomination? something that doesnt seem so much more impressive, Then again, the idea that you can only transcend your nature by switching alignment makes some sense.

    P.P.S. the connotations of 'Lich' with death, as in one who is 'undead' having returned to 'life' after having died, or having achieved a state where they cannot die by normal means, would make a lot of sense if humans were shorter lived than the other races; death prevents them achieving their goals, so by gaining eternal life/undeath they are able to continue their pursuit of knowledge/power.
    Then again, I imagined that the process would relate to either Galvanos or Fortuna (though I could be wrong as alignment change for Angel/Abomination doesnt relate to a specific deity, only alignment) so a form that had some association to these (as someone said in another post, some sort of 'cyborg' relating to mankinds use of machinery) but then again, Galvanos as the 'god of magic' would be associated with lich's who are 'traditionally' mages, which then begs the question, what affect does playstyle have on it? A 'traditional' Lich wouldn't really work for a low Intelligence warrior...


    I sort of rambled off there at the end didn't I?
    I think that the way it is now, with Lich/Angel/Abomination is probably the best it could be, so long as you remember the setting and the Fractured lore associations instead of the more traditional ones.

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    Liches are neutral aligned.


    @spoletta yes, but the word has evil connotations in traditional fantasy, which, unless Fractured offers some explanation as to how they are made and why they are not evil in Fractured, some players may not want attached to their neutral character.


    In DnD setting, Liches are mainly evil, however, the lore knows also neutral and even good alignment Liches. Therefore, I do not see that much problems there if players have a chance to make free choise. Angel has been more weird for me because it does not make sense that a demon would ever have a possibility turn to an angel.

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