First Impressions.

  • Here is a line from the first paragraph describing this game. "Jump right into the fray from day one. Defeat your enemies through your own skill and cleverness, not equipment or level."

    I feel the need to bring this up, because when I got excited and bought the game today I jumped in... And for the last 4 hours, from the very moment I stepped online, it has been nothing but complaints about the equipment and resources behind massive time gates... Equipment that, apparently, is quite powerful and makes quite the difference in battle.

    Now tell me... With this advertisement would you buy the game expecting 6 hour timers on resources and 4 hour timers on ingots, in order to make powerful, necessary, equipment? Or were you expecting something far more along the lines of 'Jump right into the fray from day one. Defeat your enemies through your own skill and cleverness, not equipment or level.' as advertised?

    Because to me... I was expecting more generic equipment, disposable, functional, but not life altering. I feel lied too...I feel scammed. Either this needs to change, or the description needs to change, because this isn't what I paid for.

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    @mrbrewed The Equipment is not life-altering, actually.

    You can get better with equipment, but it is a horizontal progression game, so you don't have to level up crazily, and basic equipment is creatable fairly quickly. In the beginning, your going to be fighting easier mobs solo, and bigger mobs in groups, but as you progress and get the equipment, you can start taking on bigger mobs solo, but some will still require groups. Also, as you unlock skills and improve your Talents, you will get better, but again, that's a build over advancement kind of improvement. with 5 Presets for Skills and 5 Presets for Talents, your not locked into only 1 such build choice

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    See... These little blurbs...are rather deceptive once you know the game yes? That is what we call False Advertising.
    No more grind! Yay... Oh wait, yes, tons of grind.... Instead of exp, its called knowledge. They specifically say level and skill systems are gone... But you can't say that if its just renamed Talents, that's literally a lie. Exp has been retooled as Knowledge, and you spend it on unlocking talents just like in PoE...

    I believed all of these blurbs... I was expecting an entirely different game, not an albion online clone.. I can't judge it for missing content, because its not finished yet, but I am HEAVILY judging it for the content it does have, because it is not as advertised. I paid for an entirely different game. This is what is upsetting to me.

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    @mrbrewed But there isn't really a grind.

    In a grind system, you have to bath through the same mobs over and over and over again, until you level up, and bath through new mobs, only stopping earning from older mobs when you level out of them and they are no longer a challenge. In Fractured, each mob has a finite lifespan for Knowledge Points, and after that, you get nothing from them, Knowledge-wise, even if you haven't 'progressed' down the talent Tree. Also, along the way, many mobs unlock Skills you can learn from them, which is something else you can spend your Knowledge Points on, instead of, or along side Talents, so the game is more about customizing your builds, than it is about just slogging down the Experience track. Finally, you get 5 presets of Skills and 5 Presets of Talents, so you can hot-swap your build path without haveing to totally respec your character. You put on a preset like you would put on an equipment loadout...and as I said earlier, although equipment helps, it is not totally game altering. You, the player build the equipment, enchant the equipment, and with the no-repair feature, no load-out is eternal, and you either have to keep several spares of your favorite equipment load-outs, or keep coming up with new combinations...the game is thus dynamic, and not a grind in the least.

    Now, as to having to kill a few mobs, yes, you still do, it wouldn't be an MMO without that, but there is a difference between a Grind and a Knowledge based explore-reward system like Fractured has.

  • I don't know there's definitely a massive grind. Town tech is a massive grind. Metal gear and Hide gear is a massive time gated grind. The game definitely has tons of grind and it's been 3 days and I haven't seen anyone PvPing. Those 2 blurbs about no grind and jumping right into the action are very deceitful. Also seriously have you built anything in the game @GamerSeuss ? Every building takes like 2 carts of stone and a couple carts of wood.

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    @diabalo12 GamerSeuss is in the game since the first Alpha. Just to say, he knows what he is talking about.
    To be honest, you don't seems to know.

    Maybe it feels for you as a massive grind, but it isn't compared to a real grind.
    Yes you have to get your materials, you have to work a bit for upranking the town, but once you built your stuff and care for your fields, it is nothing hard to get.
    If you know what you are doing, it is easy to get the stuff you need.
    Getting gold and buy the shiney stuff in the Marketplace, if you don't want to "grind" materials by yourself.
    You can't expect, that if the server is newly started all is available from the first day. What this would be for a game?
    Again said, they are true, if they say: It is all about Knowledge.

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    @Kralith Thanks!!!

    1. PvP on Syndesia is meant to be heavily discouraged, AND the vast majority of players are in Young Status still anyway, so I would hardly expect ANY PvPers out there as of yet. This is the game's first Weekend, afterall.

    2. As Kralith said, the Servers just came up a few days ago, even if you can 'jump right into the action' you still can't really expect to be taking down Dragons on day 1. Shoot, the game is also still in Beta (in fact, this is the very first week of the very first Beta, we just barely broke out of Alpha) and so even more, you should not expect all the Gameplay promises to actualize as much as you seem to.

    3. Again, if you call this a Massive Grind, you might want to stick to games without a combat feature at all. You can't really GRIND in Fractured. You can repetatively do things in order to amass certain resources...but that is Gathering, not Grinding. Grinding would be going on and killing/killing/killing to level your character. Every monster has a cap on its Knowledge Points, AND you have other routes to Knowledge Point gain, like Gathering Resources. You want a massive Grind, play WoW, EverQuest, OSRS, Guildwars, these games can be super grindy. FO is reasonable in its expectations for killing mobs, jumps into action fairly quickly, and has a diverse gameplay setup, already, and they aren't done with it.

  • "you're free to join your friends in the most epic adventures right off the bat."

    The Grind and knowledge isn't wrong either. If you go at it like a typical MMO grindset, sure it's not really any different.

    I can get into the game, using the base setup you are given for the archetype you chose, group up with some guys, and go out and kill the mobs needs to gain the knowledge on them to get the skills you want. Through collecting and discovery in the processes of gathering the things you want, you will grow your talent pool. This is nothing like the typical MMO experience today.

    Conventional would be I pick a mage, do the quests in all the level appropriate areas as I work my way up my level to unlock new content that I can do to get the next level appropriate item. I will get the same skills as every other person that chose to play a mage, but I'll have some way to build a different mage as every other mage that is built exactly like me to do the same content I do.

    FO put the rewards for killing that thing in actually killing that thing. It's not just an xp number, it's also the lightening spell I want, and the gold and material I'm looking for.

    Grind isn't just killing crap over and over. It's killing crap over and over in order to get to some defined point. That is a convention.

    Mobs are an actual resource here. Everything is a resource, and you do not stop needing resources because you hit level 60 and need to start raiding now. You will be killing an awful lot of things, over and over, because it's a game and there are game things you will be doing, and killing stuff is one of them!

    Were you expecting something more like a MOBA, set in a persistent world? Based on what you expected of the game, what did you expect the daily gameplay loop to be? Because the blurbs you pointed out aren't false, they just aren't what you were expecting; so what were you expecting?

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