• I'll keep it short --

    How can you make planks?

    and under what circumstances, please?

    Kind regards,

    your fellow noob

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    @Contucky Why do you want planks?

    If your building on Buildings, it is Logs you use, which are cut from trees (and there is a known bug about that right now) by carrying an axe, clicking on a tree, and then hitting the option on the east side (right) not the option on top (which gathers branches)

    Refined wood products would require the tech be unlocked and then building a woodworking workshop.

  • As there is no tutorial I'm trying to learn and craft my gear the best I can.
    I have bought a house in a city which had the wood crafting bench but there seemed to be a bug - I got it now.

    Basically when I tried loading the station with logs it didn't work, but when the actual guild member of the land loaded it with wood I was able to use his wood to craft the planks. Or even my wood, that I asked him to put in into the bench storage .
    Not sure if it's a bug or something that the guild might set as an option for citizens

    I found out now that I'm still not able to craft it because I don't have the recipe.. Now time to find out how to get that 😛

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    To load the crafting station you need to be a citizien of that city.

    Alternatively, you have to build your own wood crafting station on your plot.

  • @spoletta

    I see.

    It is strange that I can steal from it, but not add to it though 😄


    @spoletta oh so you lied to me when you said I didn't have to be part of a city to craft.

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    You don't need to. In the case of refining stations you build them on your own plot.

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