I love this game dev add more gear


    DEV pls add more starter armors and weapons,begginer player experience needs more variety in gear

  • It seems to me that the starting equipment is already enough, there is both fabric and leather armor + several types of trophy helmets.

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    And the whole imbuing system.


    And the fact that the beast world will have more fiber and wood options while the demon world will have more hide options, both similar to the number of metal options humans have, thus creating inter world trade demands.

    If the tier 1 imbuing was cheaper, or if gems gave basic properties to items without imbuing, then that would give plenty more variety for new players in their first 24 hours before they get better gear... but really with a developed game there will be plenty of gear available for players to buy at very reasonable prices. For example in the last alphas I regularly sold cotton and basic leather armor at the starting towns for 25-75 gp per piece, it got bought by new players all the time.

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    @RoyalX Remember, we're still in the testing phase. They won't upload all the various resources/gear until release more than likely. They want to keep options down during testing so as not to muddy the waters on bug feedback.

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