• TF#3 - ENVOY

    Beware: bad english / google translate

    General impressions.

    • There are not enough hints (pop-up), on stats, on items that tell you what to do in a given situation
      (most often - how to restore 'KO health' after death? what is exhaustion? how to transfer skills to hotkey cells?)

    • price imbalance: is the price for building a bonfire 10 small stones? why? Not only do you need so many of them for the most basic construction, but they also weigh a lot, you can't carry them with you with in expedition.

    • Imbalance of production time /durability: things are produced for a long time - this is understandable and interesting. But Enchanted things cost tens of thousands of gold, improve instantly, do not require other materials.
      It is worth thinking more carefully about the price/strength balance. People still tend to wear medium-good armor and weapons, so they consciously chose to play for the melee class. Do not force them to wear rags in order to save money or play for a class that attacks from afar! Ideally, you need a repair/durability mechanic. Items should lose their maximum durability with each repair. Each rarity grade should have minimum twice as much durabilty as it cost like a CITY.

    • navigation problems: very often you get to places where there is no passage, you have to go back. Once or twice is still tolerable, but for the 20th time in a day it begins to irritate. We need to make more passes on each side. There should not be such a blatant corridor of open locations. Or make a mechanic in which, say, a character uses a rope and climbs over a small mountain or from a small mountain.

    • mining of ore / stone blocks: going to collect them back and forth is somewhat tiring, it is better to make the extraction of the node itself several times longer, but
      so that 3-5 units of ore / stone are extracted from it. Take an example from a tree node.

    • there are not enough mechanics to change the properties of weapons, for example: to make a Channeling spear to the detriment of some other parameter. This will expand the player's possible combinations (imbalance possible true).

    • There is not opportunity to build an Enchanting table at home

    • When crafting weapons or armor, Animal Leather is required, why only animal leather? Why can't it be replaced with the leather of another (higher) tier?
      Even if it does not change the properties, why limit the choice of leather type is unclear.

    • Bug found - in this place on the map, you can pass in a very narrow place, got stuck in textures several times, once it was thrown through textures to the nearest hill. In a dangerous place, it is necessary to fix (Bandit camp) - inserted screenshot after the text.

    • You already know about the chat, there is no point in reminding

    • The unstuck command. Let it take the player to the place where he was a minute ago, for example. And let there be a cooldown and a caste time. At least a minute. While there are problems with getting stuck, this must be implemented.

    What did I like:

    1. Building a house. But it would be necessary to highlight how many resources will be spent on the construction of the house before the start of construction. Same with structures inside building zone. How much it will require resources?
    2. Farming skills from monsters is an interesting idea.
    3. Fast moving through harbors. May be Teleport to town once an 2-4 hours? Without wagon. Maybe expensive engredient required? Will be nice.

    What I didn't like:

    1. A large amount of resources for building a bonfire (!) + second wind skill, that is the only good way of self heal for warrior in hard situatios.
    2. There is no way to cure KO health after death on the spot. Why not make campfire + expensive consumable to do it right on spot? You want me suffer travelling back to city that is located on the other side of the map? Thats rude.
    3. The inability to raise the Rest level, except to relax by the campfire.
    4. Only 1 resource from the stone/metal resource node is as boring as possible.
    5. Lack of filtering of skills in the book of titles by weapon class (light/medium/heavy), armor (light/ medium / heavy)
    6. Lack of the ability to bind more than 10 keys for the hotbar. Not all items/abilities can be put on them. You have to give up useful skills in favor of an antidote / bandages.
    7. There are no consumables for mana regeneration. Some skills require too much mana per minute.
    8. It is necessary to recall the horse in order to interact with the Wagon. We need a mechanic in which the horse could remain attached to the cart. And you could cut wood/mine stone.
    9. There are few passages in the open area. A sense of corridor. The inability to jump to a lower level when the distance seems very small.
    10. There is no possibility to select a preset on a regular campfire.
    11. Lack of mechanics of repairing things / increasing durability while increasing the cost through Enchant
    12. A very complex enchantment/Imbued system for beginners. We need hints.
    13. The lack of a good selftheal for melee classes through damage.
    14. Second wind should have a huge cooldown, but should not be tied to the rest parameter - it's annoying.
    15. 35 fps in ovecrowded city on day one. 110-120+ anywhere else. 5950x / 3080ti. Hope for future optimization.
    16. I should have an opportunity to invite to the party remote people (from chat or by nickname).
    17. Party members should be shown on global map. Not only on minimap on close distance.

    Bandit road - stuck 2 times. Invisible objects blocks the way

  • Content Creator

    @Bullen couple things:

    1. They have no intentions to include a repair mechanic.
    2. Death HP loss is purposely tied to towns/buildings and not campfires. They tried it the other way first so the change was intentional.
    3. Alchemy hasn't been introduced yet so mana restore items may eventually arrive.
    4. They purposely keep total resources to build multipart construction unknown.
    5. Stone and ore nodes originally gave 2 pieces but they needed that.. may change again on full launch

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    @GamerSeuss said in Feedback:

    They have no intentions to include a repair mechanic.

    At least they should rise durability of enchanted items. People will huddle in packs of beggars with ranged weapons. Spending money on gear shouldn't be so unbalanced.
    Opinion may change over time and the situation may change. Time will show.


    There are imbued gems that increase the items durability by 100-300%.

    The enchanting system is new and being tested/ballanced.
    Before it was just the 'imbuing' system, but with no gems. Tons of complaints about the complexity and requirement to farm mats too high a barrier to use. So they made it easier for the players with a simple direct coin system.

    Navagation is a learned skill. Play for a week and you notice the texture changes that indicate you can go up an area of cliff. This gives players a 'home turf' advantage as they know the area around their homes better and can use it to escape or ambush.
    There was a teleport ability that you could use to go over cliffs, walls, mountains. It was crushed and stated that it would not happen. The navigation learning curve is totally intended.

    There was two ore / stone per node, they reduced it. More noise and we might get it back to two.
    Harvesting is not going to be for everyone, that is what gives life to market economies. I did a bunch of it and was happy to take peoples money for my labor and their lack of interest.

    Wooden bo staves are very much like a 'channeling spear' as would be a rapier. They exist.

    Animal leather is cheep and accessible, warg/dire wolf/ troll leather is not. I would never use the better leathers in place of the animal leather i can get from the ubiquitous wolf packs that plague the world. Maybe it is just a preference thing?
    There is a similar complaint about needing linen weave to make bandages, why not cotton? Their answer there was that 'alchemy' would be using the higher tier stuff for better consumables.

    getting on and off a horse or logging out and back in works for unstuck in most circumstances. Creating a mechanic that tracks player location all the time for a rewind, just for alpha/beta, is asking a bit much.

    Many classes have no equivalent to the second wind skill at all, it is not a norm, but an exceptional thing. There are other charisma or int based healing skills that are useful, or the ubiquitous over powered bandage (no cast time, no animation interruption, can use on a horse, no mana cost, no knowledge point cost to learn, no memory point cost to memorize, etc...)

    If they had cure KO health on the spot then that would greatly increase the amount of mob spawn camping and thus greatly reduce the availability of mob spawns to the rest of the game population. Forcing players to return to towns to learn skills, switch talents, and recover max hp is a good, and thematic, way to keep players moving. The other alternative is moving as a group for security and acting organized, which the developers are absolutely encouraging in a number of ways.

    Gathering resources is not going to be for everyone. With higher population the markets will be there to give players who dont like to harvest a place to get what they want.

    The limitation of the hot bar is absolutely intentional. It makes choices matter and creates variety of builds while encouraging group play.

    Mana is a limited resource that needs to be carefully managed in this game. This is why there are metal armors, and imbued gems, that can increase it at the opportunity cost of not getting a different benefit. Choices matter, there are pros and cons to everything.

    Players can steel carts, would you want them to be able to steal you horse at the same time? Also harvesting in pairs greatly reduces this 'inconvenience'

    the restricted terrain is absolutely intended and have been repeatedly reinforced through the nerfing of abilities that used to bypass them.

    Can increase durability of items with an imbued gem from 100-300%. it is there.
    There is a thorough automated imbuing tool available here on the forums and linked in the wiki. They may put it into the game later.

    Melee already have the highest armor, the highest sustained damage, the highest crowd control, the best self heal. sounds like you are getting greedy.

    Friends lists would be nice as would party locations, and your last body, on the world map.

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