Crafting Sound Effect

  • Suggestion, make it so I can't hear other players craft. That sound just... really gets to your nerves.

  • Or better yet. Have an option to mute that sound all together, even for your own player character.
    That sound just really triggers my Misophonia.
    Need to mute the game when crafting/gathering things especially that flour mill.

  • Wiki Editor

    I would also like to see a separated sound slider for crafting sounds of others. Especially in the Starter Towns the sound of all these crafting was quite annoying.

  • The crafting sound is kind of overwhelming. Before I figured out what it was, I thought it was lots of people chewing, as it reminded me of the sound from a termite-infested woodpile. I really hope it's changed.


    I think the sound effects in general are a bit non directional and don't give a clear idea of what is going on around you in general. The crafting sounds definitely being on the loud and obnoxious side, whereas a lot of the other sounds heard are just... unhelpful

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