Talent Tree, Armor, and Stats

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    In a couple of the Feature Spotlights (Three and Five) they discuss how players will be able to make choices that affect their stats/abilities/options. Mainly how selecting abilities in the Talent Tree will affect the base (natural) stats that your character has prior to (I'm assuming) armor/potion/whatnot adjustments.

    I think it would be interesting (in the vein of player choice and consequence) if this had a secondary effect: attribute boost modifiers. For example, putting points into strength will not only increase your strength attribute, but also give a bonus to strength-related gear stats, which seeing a negative impact to bonuses from other armor stats. For example (and these numbers are just for making a point), if you max out your Strength tree, you get +20% bonus to strength-related gear/buff bonuses, but -10% to Dexterity and -10% Perception related gear/buff bonuses. That way a character that tries to max out their Strength tree can't simply use gear/boon/whatnot items to fill in gaps, they have to live with weaker increases from other stat items. Less points in a tree would result in less increases, but also less decreases, in equipment/buff adjustments.

    I think this would force players to think about what they want their character to do, and maybe fight the min-maxing that will inevitably occur. Want to hit as hard as you can? Well, it's going to be tougher to get a crit and dodge if you do so. Want better crit boosts or on-crit effects? Ease off on the strength tree.


    If I'm not mistaken, the developers wrote that if you play a lot, you can pump everything. So how do you want to make these debuffs then?
    PS it's just about skills, but about a feature I don't remember.


    It sounds completely pointless to me.

    You're already taking a "debuff" to whatever stats you didn't max out - stats also have increasing returns, dramatizing the gap between near-max stats and not-near-max stats.

    It makes absolutely no sense for one stat to directly damage another stat due to the basic nature of what stats represent. If all other stats remain the same, increasing any one should be a raw improvement with no drawbacks. To do otherwise is, frankly, completely stupid if not insane.

    We don't need another superfluous complication to take up development time and make it harder to balance the game for no benefit. =/

  • From the sounds of it gear won't have a major impact so I doubt you can so easily patch up holes in your build with gear. And if anything this system sounds like it encourages min-maxing more than it discourages it. If I get penalized for adding dex to my strength build, then I'm just going to add more strength or constitution. It penalizes for building characters a certain way, encouraging more homogeneous builds.

    @muker said in Talent Tree, Armor, and Stats:

    If I'm not mistaken, the developers wrote that if you play a lot, you can pump everything. So how do you want to make these debuffs then?

    You get a limited amount of talent points that you can respec when you rest.

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