So what is the difference betwen Albion and this "Dynamic" game besides graphics?

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    I suggest you read the wiki as there are a lot of differences between these two games. Acquiring skills and enhancing said skills is one, as well as how integral player-made cities are to the foundation of the game. From the perspective of an Albion player myself, I feel more connected to a city than I ever did in Albion. Growing a city and contributing to the funding of the city's tech tree and gaining access to the city's technology because of it is one difference. Furthermore, a city's geographical location plays a role in its relationship with other cities around the continent. These are a few differences in regards to player-led towns, etc, however, there are many more differences surrounding abilities, talent trees, crafting, race relations, and PVP there share a stark contrast to Albion. More than what can be potentially discussed here.


    Couldn't sum it up better than the poster above. On top of that you have way more skillshots here than in Albion, even the autoattacks are skillshots. And zerging wont be that much of thing here aswell because of friendly fire with all aoe skills, or at least you have to coordinate it way better.


    Totally different experience and skills system.

    Gathering slightly different.

    Farming and housing similar.

    PvP hard to say

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