When is the next Alpha or Beta? Any roadmap or sth?

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    We want you to publish the roadmap. We want to see other 2 map. Please explain the details soon. We are so impatient !

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    The Roadmap is an ever evolving thing. I'm sure they will get it out to us when they have a new more solid iteration of it, but until then, you'll have to be patient. I'm sure feedback from this current test will have an affect on the roadmap, as each iteration of the test should.

    As to next Alpha, there is supposed to be one more before the end of the year, if they can manage it, probably December, although they may postpone that into January too avoid the holidays.

    As to Beta, if we see beta anytime soon, it will probably 3rd quarter 2022 at the earliest, but that's being quite generous. @Prometheus did say he would not rule out a 2022 release, which means Beta would have to happen by 3rd Quarter 2022 if it is to release before end of year. More than likely, however, and no offense to the Devs, I know they are working hard, it will probably be somewhere in 2023 for Beta, and then maybe a 2023/24 release, depending on how many Betas are needed.

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    @GamerSeuss I really hope they don't push the next alpha to Jan. I have 2 weeks off from both work and college in Dec so would have a ton of extra playtime. Come January it's back to work and school with minimal extra time.

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    Oh, I understand, @DravenRayne and others have made the point that Xmas/Holiday season will free several testers up because of school/work breaks, however, in actuality, you and they are often the exception to the rule. During the Holiday season, yes, school and work might be on hold, but that's because everyone is running around doing offline family things, visiting relatives, vacationing, gift buying, decorating, pulling in extra holiday shifts to cover for that double overtime, and getting those last of the year things situated so they have far less testing time than almost any other time of the year.

    I know, in my case, we just bought a house, so we're spending December moving from one place to another, and my sister who plays will be visiting relatives nearer to her for the holidays. (we grew up together, but aren't blood related, just brother and sister by association).

    I know several streamers who have suspended their regular streaming schedule because of the hectic nature of this time period as well.

    Anticipated testing would be right about Xmas week I think, but most of us are hoping January like Week 2 would be better.


    Patient must be


    can't wait~

  • Honestly I'm not sure how much of an exception he is. I've always had a week at least at Christmas time off and always been able to play during that time period. For example I'll get 10 days shortly in a row I could play test if there was an Alpha running. If one was running over even scheduled to start next week I'd drop the money on the 2nd Tier pack right now. But nothing is scheduled nothing is listed for when other than Q1 2022....And well sorry but Q1 2022 is when Lost Ark launches so I'll be over there. Not having play tests during the period when many many many people in my experience have an extended period to try a game simply hurts the game.

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