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  • I asked about OP combinations of abilities like year and half ago and noticed Death bargain ability - whats your opinion guys, is it balanced, or does it seem quite OP. Because as I see it, you go full glass canon berserker, lets say rogue style dude and before you Shadowstep to your enemy, you cast Death bargain to yourself, then also Enrage and you basically have immunity to most CC so you happily rape enemy unless all those skills are purged from you...if they actually can be purged (Death bargain doesn´t specify, whether it is magical buff and Enrage just says "self beneficial"). Enrage does however need high CON to be usable, but no other protections, just buff CON, dmg attributes and maximise damage.

    Are these statuses dispellable with Dispel magic or any other way ( Disrupting strike, Pierce through)?

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    If you check the wiki, you can see that death bargain is a magical buff, which means that there are a few effects that can remove it.

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    Youre right, I was only checking page with the ability,
    It´s in Status effects. Thanks.


    We've tested some of the iterations of Death Bargain, and Death Bargain is an active skill like lets say " Bleeding Strike", it will work passively and will wait to when you are getting killing blow, and the timer of the Death Bargain will start.
    First of all Death from Death Bargain is a full death, meaning you will not be knocked down, you will fully die.
    Second of all, if you click on Enrage, and because Enrage is disabling any active skills you have at the moment, meaning Death Bargain will not be active, and if you come out of Enrage with 50hp or whatever is the minimum and don't click Death Bargain immediately you will be knocked down.
    Also we've tested a possibility of getting to a killing blow and Death Bargain will activate, and on the last few seconds do Enrage skill to test if Enrage cancels the Death Bargain, and it in fact doesn't cancel, so if you have the Death Bargain clock ticking you will die, even with Enrage active.
    And silence spell of course gets rid of all active skills, so if somebody silenced you, the death bargain skill with not active and you will die.
    Combining this with the need of Spell channeling weapon, I think it is balanced.
    It can be strong in PvP, but there is a risk factor to it.

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    @asspirin Don't worry, I'm just trying to shamelessly hide the fact that until yesterday I hadn't yet done the status page on the wiki😊

  • Thanks to both spoletta and munch for answers, youre great.

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