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  • Hi guys, is there any list of ailments (warm, shock etc.) and their effects? Because wiki is quite empty in this regard (https://fractured.fandom.com/wiki/Status_Effects) Or any poison / bleed dmg calculator or way to calculate this? So far I can only theorycraft, Im just curious whether pure bleed or poison builds are viable (as long as Remedy cures you from all poison stacks, its not viable of course), or whether this game is burst nukes meta only.

    There is description on bleed damage, but with "random" element, I dont know whether this random number is 5, 10 or 5000. Also things like Frightened, what does it do - increase my hit chance against enemy ? And which condition is "physical" and which is "magical" - depends on whether condition was placed via weapon or magic ? Do such conditions (like beeld) stack for skills like Vicious attacks? Does anyone know? Thank you.


    Yep i do believe they have to explain in game about all those effects.
    So the average player can know what each effect does without the need to enter the wiki.

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    I'm updating the ailment page on the wiki. You will find all the info.

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    By the way, quick answer.
    Bleed hurts like hell and is perfectly fine to build on it.
    It ticks every second for 3% of your health, within a range that goes from a minimum tick of 30 to a maximum of 90.
    Poison is dangerous depending on the rank.
    It goes from rank 1 (Simple) to rank 6 (Lethal).
    Rank 1 and 2 tick every 4 seconds, higher ranks tick every 3 seconds.
    The damage goes like this:
    Simple - Hits for 4% of your health, minimum 40 maximum 100. It is the one you can craft
    Weak - Hits for 8% of your health, minimum 60 maximum 200. Goblin Cuttrhoats drop this. Sometimes found in chests.
    Strong - Hits for 12% of your health, minimum 80 maximum 300. Rarely found in chests.
    Potent - HIts for 18% of your health, minimum 100 maximum 450. Available only as a spell.
    Deadly - HIts for 24% of your health, minimum 160 maximum 600. Spider lichs have this.
    Lethal - Hits for 30% of your health, minimum 250 maximum 750. Queen Xeretrix uses this.

  • @spoletta Thanks a lot for detailed answer, will check wiki asap. Have a nice day.

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    Ok, it is updated.

  • And hopefully last question on topic (dots): do they stack? In case of burning, corrosion etc. its well described - one has to build the stacks to some amount to apply dot. But what about bleeds and poison - poison probably cant stack, even one stack of lethal poison seems pretty strong, however one remedy deals with ot. But what about bleeds - these can be removed by Resolve, Second wind, Call to tenacity and all the purges, its duration reduced by talents. Are these stackable? Thanks.

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    They don't stack. It will just refresh the bleed.

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