Intown Claim: Fences on predefined Roads not always placeable

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    Fences on my intown claim are placeable to the west but not to the north, because it says, that the blueprint can't be placed over Streets.
    Both Streets are the predefined ones.

    alt text

    On Krabats Place i can't place it to the East (predefined Street) but i can place it to the North (Builded Street)

    alt text


    @Kralith This issue happened last test as well. It was what caused me to choose the plot that I did this time. I didn't want it to happen to me again. (I knew there was a bug I was fogergetting to report last test but I couldn't remember what it was. This was it!) It wouldn't let me put anything in that very corner space for that very reason. It said "blueprint can't be placed on roads"

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