How to "Place" Large Stone?


    Picked up a "large stone". Cant get rid of it. Help was to "right click to start placement". Nothing happened. Can only place at specific spot? Got to hunt everywhere? Am a newbie and i want to get on with my mission. But a "large stone" in my hands meant i cant do anything else other than walk. Double clicks dont seem to have any effect. How do i "un-pick" the large stone? Dont see it in my bag either.

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    The way to drop a stone is to right click, which should make a blueprint, and then put the cursor where you want to place it and right click again.
    If it doesn't work for some reason, try relogging.

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    @Tardigrade also, when you get a blueprint, as your a newb, you should know that the blueprint needs to actually appear blue, not red. If it is red, move it around until you get to a blue spot

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